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Brennan Rock & Roll Academy (Boys & Girls Club) Fundraiser Las Vegas Show Reviewed – KISS, Vince Neil, Alice Cooper, Dee Snider & More.


Brennan Rock & Roll Academy (Boys & Girls Club) Fundraiser Las Vegas Show Reviewed – Featuring: KISS, Vince Neil, Alice Cooper, Dee Snider, Stephen Pearcy & More.

It took place at the Orleans Arena… with $100 for regular tickets and VIP tables set up on the floor. Capacity is about 10,000 and while the sections were “full”…. there were lots of empty seats scattered throughout.

The show was a benefit for the Rock & Roll Academy (Boys & Girls Club). I got my tickets for free. I wonder how many other people did too.

The house band was Hairball – who backed up the rotating lineup of singers – and were very good. The full lineup of KISS closed the show.

Here’s how it went…

Joey Tempest & John Norum
1. The Final Countdown
2. Rock The Night

Good way to kick off the show since Tempest looked and sang really good. He came across as a professional and not a joke which is the best way to start a show like this. It also helped that the first song is so familiar and began after the lights dimmed. Crowd was into it.

Jack Blades
Don’t Tell Me You Love Me
Rock In America

The acts weren’t getting introductions. So I think a lot of people didn’t know who it was at first. He tried hard to work the crowd. Sounded decent. Almost looked a little goofy since he’s short and his hair almost looks like a wig.

Kip Winger
1. Madalaine
2. Seventeen

Kip sounded good. A little screamy at times but good. Played it cool in a sport coat. He doesn’t take chances with his stage moves these days.

Stephen Pearcy
1. Lay It Down
2. Round and Round

Most forgettable act of the night. So forgettable I nearly forgot to put him in my review. Seriously. The first bad singer of the night. But not the worst he’s ever sounded. Kip Winger and Jack Blades came on stage at one point to sing backups for Round and Round. I think they were watching and thought “We should show him how to sing.”

Dee Snider
1. We’re Not Gonna Take It
2. I Wanna Rock

Totally stole the show. When the drums started…. people got up and Dee made sure they stayed up. Best performer of the night easily. And it was the only time my friends stood up. It didn’t hurt that his stage banter was funny. Between songs he said “This is a two song set so you know what’s next.” lol.

Tom Keifer
1. Somebody Save Me
2. Gypsy Road
3. Shake Me

I love Cinderella but Tom had a tough act to follow. Crowd energy was down after Dee. Tom was good but I think the crowd was a tad thrown off by his new singing style. Cinderella is also unusual in that their biggest uptempo songs weren’t mega hit singles. He probably would have benefited if he threw in “Don’t Know What You Got Til It’s Gone”. It’s so well known and he would have stood out as the only act of the night to slow things down.

Rob Zombie
1. Thunder Kiss ’65
2. We’re an American Band

Decent enough but I think he phoned this performance in. No passion behind it. He stopped the second song early so he could start it over from the beginning again “for technical difficulties”. Not sure what they were. Only person to do a cover.

Vince Neil
1. Kickstart My Heart
2. Wildside
3. Girls Girls Girls

Vince was into it and had the crowd. Not as good as Dee but had the crowd way better than anyone else so far. No surprises here. You know what you get with Vince. He wore a sport coat which didn’t help him look slim.

Alice Cooper
1. No More Mr. Nice Guy
2. Under My Wheels
3. I’m Eighteen
4. School’s Out

If it wasn’t for Dee, this would’ve been the best performance of the night. Alice has looked the same way for 30 years and moves around pretty good. I think something takes over his body when he puts that outfit and makeup on.



1. Shout It Out Loud
2. Deuce
3. Lick It Up
4. Detroit rock City
5. Calling Dr. Love
6. Rock & Roll All Nite

Intermission killed the momentum and the crowd was oddly quiet when KISS took the stage. Kind of how no one really focuses on the first wrestling match after an intermission.

They played well. Paul sounded fine (although if you didn’t know who he was you’d think he was a creepy old gay man). Gene looked like that action figure photo that was posted here not too long ago. Sport coat, jeans. His Wayne Newton face fits in here in Vegas. Paul was either going with his real hair or wearing one of his shorter wigs. Eric has very long hair so he must tuck it ender a wig when he does normal KISS shows. Eric was good and seemed more on fire than usual. Maybe he was happy to be himself for once and not playing the role of Peter Criss.

Nothing was wrong… but this performance just wasn’t completely clicking with the crowd for some reason and I’m not sure why. Maybe it was the lazy entrance. They could’ve picked a better opener than Shout it Out Loud. It looked like they were calling out songs without a setlist… and seemed to go into hits mode with Lick It Up onward to try and keep the crowd. There was a lot of pick throwing. A lot. To the point it almost looked like they were bored.

For Rock N Roll All Night, they brought some of the other singers onstage which actually made the song a little interesting for once. Vince sang part of one of the verses. When Alice came out… Paul told this story about seeing him in concert on the Billion Dollar Babies tour and called it one of the best concerts he ever saw. I swear I thought he was going to say “and that’s when we decided to steal the makeup”. But no. That didn’t happen. ha ha.

Overall, the show dragged just a little. The pacing would’ve been better with one less act. Maybe Rob Zombie or Stephen Pearcy.

Review By: Mister Freeze from the World Famous Gossip Board

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  • mkhnks

    This sounds like a show I should have loved. Had I been in Vegas, I’m not sure I would have shelled out $100. Yeah, it’s a fundraiser and there are several performers, but two-song sets from many of them? Eh.

    Hairball is from Minnesota and is highly regarded for its 80s tribute act. Great gig for them. Congrats to them for their hard work. Lots of musicians and cover bands would have killed for this gig in Vegas, and it went to a Minnesota band. Very cool.

    Tempest & Norum: Not a fan of Europe, but you could do worse for an opening act. I never liked The Final Countdown, but I would have enjoyed Rock the Night, so it wouldn’t have been a waste of 10 minutes.

    Blades: Not a fan of Night Ranger, so odds are nothing he could have done would have entertained me.

    Winger: I’m not a fan of Madeline, but it’s better than Headed for a Heartbreak. I’d take the simplistic riffs of Easy Come Easy Go if I got to choose the second song.

    Pearcy: Of course he has to do Round and Round. Once again I’m not a fan of hsi band’s biggest song. So this would have been bittersweet to know I’d only hear one song I want to hear live. The one time I saw his solo show several years ago his voice was decent. I’m bummed to hear his voice didn’t cut it last night.

    Snider: I like the fact he played the signature song (shock, I’m not a fan) first, and saved a better song for second. (I suppose you’re going to tell me you typed the songs in the wrong order, which wouldn’t surprise me.)

    Kiefer: Why does he have a new singing style? I like a lot of Cinderella songs, and would have been happy with a 3-song set that didn’t include a slow, as long as this new singing style didn’t bother me.

    Zombie: Not a fan, but play one of your songs, not a tired cover. Ish.

    Neil: If he’s on, then his Motley tribute show is tolerable. I’m choose something other than Wildside.

    Cooper: Nothing wrong with his choice of songs for a four-song set. Good get for this fundraiser.

    KISS: Do they ever perform sans makeup? I guess I’d want to see the costumes and makeup if I’m going to see KISS in 2013, but I can understand why they didn’t bother in this case.

    I’ve been to the arena for a hockey game. Nice arena for minor league hockey. I’m surprised it can hold 10K for a concert. I’d be interested to know how many tickets they actually sold for this gig at $100 a ticket.

  • Renee Lynch Kalita

    I was at the show as well and I am a HUGE Motley Crue fan, but Vince by far was the worst act of the evening (minus Rob’s attitude) when he COMPLETELY messed up the lyrics of Wild Side…he even messed up Girls a bit but definitely not as bad as Wild Side!!!! I enjoyed the song, but yes could have been better with one or 2 less acts or maybe one more song from some. Hairball was AWESOME and would love to see them come back to Vegas soon for a full show because I would go in a heartbeat!!!! KISS was alright but got the sense they were bothered and wished they were elsewhere… Was great overall show otherwise and I was glad to be a part of the evening!!!!!

  • mkhnks

    did you pay for your ticket? if so, how much?

    i’ve seen vince’s solo show a few times. he’s been OK, pretty good the last time i saw him Thanksgiving eve 2007, but i’ve read he likes to do his solo shows kinda drunk, and he gets rather sloppy when that’s the case. too bad he doesn’t take his solo shows as seriously as his motley gigs.

    how would you rate the crowd size? capacity, or something less than that?

  • Renee Lynch Kalita

    I won my tickets from Dollar Loan Center who was one of the sponsors here… I have seen Motley Crue twice, and Vince this was my third time seeing him and he NEVER was this sloppy!! The time before I saw him was another show like this (not a fundraiser) but multiple acts and Vince did awesome, and he had his booze and his girls from his strip club across the street from the venue. I understand enjoying your beverages, especially when he distills them now… but come on it should be absolutely embarrassing that you can’t even sing your own songs… I thought the crowd size was great, not “sold out” but a good turnout…especially since the fundraiser was for something in South Dakota not even in Las Vegas let alone the state of Nevada. And they announced during the show the money was over a million dollars so I think it was bonus for us here in Vegas to get the show and to raise that much money for a great cause!!!!

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