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Music Legend Kim Fowley Says “Please Pray For Me” After Dark Moment In Hospital.




Music Legend Kim Fowley Says “Please Pray For Me” After Dark Moment In Hospital


Hollywood — Kim Fowley is a music legend that has seen the good, the bad and the ugly side of the industry for over 6 decades. And now at 74 years of age it seems that his health is failing him. Fowley has taken to social networks and has asked fans and friends, “Please pray for me.”

Fowley first made his way into the Los Angeles music scene in the 60s producing records. In the 70s he found himself working with KISS, Alice Cooper and The Runaways.  In the late 80s Fowley became involved with Candy featuring Gilby Clarke (Ex. Guns N’ Roses) and along the way named the Hollywood hairband Pretty Boy Floyd. By the early 90s Kim had touched with locals like Blackboard Jungle and a slew of bands from Southern California to Europe and Australia.

Crazy are the numbers.

According to the Kim Fowley Wikipedia, Kim has released 28 solo records between 1967 and 2013. Add to this, he produced, co-wrote or contributed and worked on another 33 records between 1959 and 2011.

Kim Fowley released the first part of his autobiography, entitled “Lord of Garbage” in 2012, published by Kicks Books. “Lord of Garbage” covered the years 1939-1969 and describes his early childhood and beginning years in the music business. The second installment of his autobiography will be called “Planet Pain” and will cover the years 1970-1994. The last part of his autobiography will be finished on his death bed and is intended to be released posthumously.

The following message was posted on Kim Fowley’s official Facebook page with the picture above of Kim being treated in the hospital.

KIM FOWLEY’S MEDICAL ADVENTURES UPDATE: After 9 hours in the hospital, new problems were found. More tests ordered. More procedures being considered. Stay tuned. Please pray for me & Kara Wright, my future wife and photographer of this dark moment.

Pictured below is Kim with Kara Wright and then the legendary artist he once managed Joan Jett formerly of The Runaways.


We wish Kim the very best and salute this true music legend.


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