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A Huge Surprise In Our Poll Results For Your Favorite Motley Crue Record Of All Time.





Motley Crue release with John Corabi Voted Most Favorite By Metal Sludge Readers!


Polls — Wow. Who would have thunk it but it appears that a larger portion of our voters picked the self titled Motley Crue release with John Corabi as their all time fave. Coming in second was the bands break through album “Shout At The Devil”  followed by “Dr. Feelgood” in 3rd place. Rounding out the top 5 are the bands debut “Too Fast For Love” and “Generation Swine” in 5th place. All beating out “Girls Girls Girls” and “Theater of Pain” which both sold in excess of 4 million copies each.


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  • mkhnks

    I vote for the oddball choice almost every time since we never find out who wins half of these polls.

  • Bryan Walsh

    It’s total BS. Obviously some jerkoff(s) thought it would be funny if that album won and voted 500+ times, since the poll doesn’t stop you from doing so. I know the guys behind Metal Sludge did a ton of drugs and fried their brains back in the day, but even Steven Adler could figure this one out.

  • Long John Dickweed

    Meanwhile, New Coke was voted best soft drink of all time!

  • Joe Vaughn

    This site is a farce but for petes sake……this album in reality is better than anything they have done by leaps and bounds. Better song writing… longer songs…darker songs. Corabi’s presence forced the band to step up and make some serious music. I don’t know how Motley comes off as being about nothing but strippers and motorcyles. That is all Motley 2.0. Motleys first 3 records lyrically had very little to do about any of that..They were about the devil, sex and other dark tidbits. The 94 album is a great record all around. And anyone who thinks otherwise needs to take some music theory classes and recognize just how music is put together.

  • Liberal Hater

    Corabi album is hands down their best.

  • HeavyMetalGolfer

    It is one of the famed “Holy Trinity of Sludge” after all.

  • mkhnks

    Followed closely by Crystal Pepsi.

  • Joe Yankevich

    your n idiot if you actually believe your psycho babble

  • The_Closet_Nerd

    For years, I’ve been telling anyone who would listen that the Corabi Crue album was the best thing they ever did. I’m glad to see it won out over some of their other crap.

  • Chris Holzhauer

    New Tattoo should have been higher. Theatre of Pain too. Generation Swine? It pretty much sucked. My pick was MC94.

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  • Joe Vaughn

    You really should do your homework.. When you provide something to contrary just let me know.

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