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Sebastian Bach still angry with twitter fans. A fan tweets; “Go back to Skid Row” and Bach replies; “Fuck off”



Sebastian Bach Irritated With Some Fans Excitement To See Him Rejoin Skid Row

Twitter — If a fan encouraged Michael Anthony to go back to Van Halen, what would Michael say? Or what if a fan encouraged or asked Richie Sambora to rejoin Bon Jovi. What would Richie say? Or what would Jon answer with – if the same fan asked him, to have Richie back. The answer is , we’re not sure. But we’d like to think they wouldn’t tell the fan to Fuck Off. Or would they.

Who would tell a fan to Fuck Off for simply tweeting what likely amounts to their dream.  The answer is, Sebastian Bach.

A fan tweeted Sebastian Bach today and seemed to imply he wanted Bach to rejoin Skid Row with his tweet. Which can be seen below, and the 2 word reply from Bach himself.


We don’t know much about Joao Mullano from Campo Maior Portugal – but at a glance he seems to be a young music fan. It appears he likes AC/DC, Linkin Park and Sound Garden. He tweets with fans about music, and also admits, “English is not my language.”  It appears he speaks mainly Portuguese but clearly knows some English.


What did we learn from this story above? Well, nothing too deep.  But it appears that Joao is a music fan and he’s also a fan of Sebastian Bach and Skid Row. On the other side of it, Sebastian Bach told him to “Fuck off” for his support.

Sticking with the subject of Bach’s anger towards his twitter fans.

Last week we featured a post HERE with Bach where he got into a little twitter war with some fans over their talking about his former band Skid Row.  Bach tweeted;  “Talking abt Skid Row does bug me. The brand I created with 2 other people has been destroyed.”

The fans than exchanged more tweets  – copied Bach – and explained in a few different ways how he ( Bach) “Gets all butt hurt” and “Pissy” if you mention his former band (Skid Row).

Twitter is a weird thing, and it is kind of crazy that a general fan, or Joe Blow from anywhere-ville can send a message to anyone. Madonna, Bono, Bruno Mars or Sebastian Bach the former Skid Row screamer. It seems that different celebrities (if we can call of these celebrities) handle the Twitter world differently than others and we’ve seen all kinds of examples of this over the years.

If you to want check out Bach on twitter, his account is below – just don’t mention Skid Row or God forbid the words Metal Sludge. If you do, he might implode upon you hitting the send button.

Sebastian Bach @ Twitter

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