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CAT FIGHT! Gretchen Bonaduce does NOT take kindly to being called out by Lorraine Lewis about TV show “Ex-Wives of Rock”





CAT FIGHT! Gretchen Bonaduce does NOT take kindly to being called out by Lorraine Lewis about TV show “Ex-Wives of Rock”
By Gerry Gittelson
Metal Sludge Editor at Large



HOLLYWOOD – Gretchen Bonaduce is pissed off after being called out on Metal Sludge by Lorraine Lewis, the co-producer of the Fuse Network hit TV reality show “Ex-Wives of Rock.”

In response to a recent Sludge story HERE that detailed Bonaduce’s alleged pioneering involvement in “Ex-Wives,” Lewis sent a statement posted on Sludge that read: “our idea has nothing to do with Gretchen Bonaduce.”

Bonaduce not only is calling BS, but she also forwarded to Sludge a copy of a 2010 pitch letter – more than two years before the first episode aired — between herself and a network executive who eventually green-lighted “Ex-Wives of Rock.”

“I hope you write that I sent proof and (Lewis) can go to hell,” Bonaduce said. “I’m actually glad this happened, as they have NEVER wanted to admit they have a show/jobs/money because of me. Really pisses me off. Wow, how can she lie like that? Well, she just got served. It’s pretty crystal clear in the memo that they knew nothing about that show till I had it sent over.”

Here is a copy of the memo exchange:







Furthermore, Bonaduce said she has lots more paper-trail evidence to prove her point, even offering to put us in touch with an “E True Hollywood” producer who can confirm that Bonaduce was pitching the show in Canada after “E True Hollywood” had passed.

Then Bonaduce added another zinger: “I held the first meeting with Tricon (the Canadian production company) at my house.”

Bonaduce said she defends everything she said in the Sludge interview, and that nothing is inaccurate nor out of place.

“I don’t really care what (Lewis) has to say,” Bonaduce said. “As you can see, I told the truth that Slice Network knew NOTHING about the show till I sent it. I have tons of emails and texts between me and the other producer, Lisa Brucker.”

Bonaduce said the only reason she had reached out in the first place was because she was an “Ex-Wives of Rock” cast member at the the time. Otherwise, she maintains she should have been granted “executive producer” credit, but instead she was snubbed.

In the aftermath, Metal Sludge has obtained a copy of an email Bonaduce sent to Lewis on November 7th 2013



Dear Lorraine,

There was no bad connection during the interview. Sorry if you took anything I said as I was taking credit for creating, casting, or developing the show. You missed the point entirely.  See memo below:




What I was saying (and I stand by entirely) is that Slice Network knew nothing about your show until I had it submitted to the head of development. I did this because at the time I understood I would be a full cast member. I would never have submitted a show that I was not getting executive producer credit, but made an exception as I would be getting a paycheck as a cast member. When that did not happen, as you can imagine I was pretty upset that I helped you and the rest of the cast and production company have jobs, paychecks, and all the things that I was not going to be getting because of my unbelievable error in not getting anything in writing. I think the memo I have provided will finally put it all to rest, that I was IN FACT the reason that your show was even seen by the executives in Canada. I do not believe they would have even taken the time to review the sizzle reel had you sent it, but because they trusted my judgment, I submitted the show on your behalf (well really Lisa Brucker who I just about would have done anything for)..and then they took the time to review and ultimately option your show in Canada on a network..and then of course several other countries. (YOU’RE WELCOME!) I adore you all and am so happy for you success with the show.


Gretchen Bonaduce




So there you have it. A bit of a cat fight. Whom do you believe?

Gerry Gittelson can be reached at gspot@metalsludge.tv

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