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27 Bands Drop Off “Rock Harvest” Music Festival. Ironic Or A Scam? You Decide.



Is Rock Harvest Another Great Big Music Festival or A Great Big Scam?

An open letter to music fans, promoters and the organizers of Rock Harvest.


Is Rock Harvest another great big music festival or a great big scam? Some are saying scam and I agree.


Buyer beware.

If you buy a ticket to Rock Harvest don’t be surprised if the advertised band(s) you are paying to see don’t end up playing the event.

The proof is in their own posters and advertisements that have been circulating since early spring 2013. It’s now October, the event is just weeks away and over two dozen of the advertised artists are no longer appearing.


Well it depends on who you ask.

According to the ‘Promoters’ (Twisted Nail Productions) and ‘Co-Founders’ (John Guarnieri and Lyle Desplaines-Hawkins) these bands either cancelled, dropped off, broke up, there was a conflict of interest or they retired. Yes. Retired.

Meet Rock Harvest co-founders Lyle Desplaines-Hawkins & John Guarnieri


According to many of the bands themselves and their respective agents – it’s simple. Rock Harvest breached their contracts.

I know this for fact. As my band (Tuff) has one of those contracts.

Rock Harvest had signed legally binding contracts with several of these bands and agreed to terms set forth in those contracts. But in the recent months leading up to the event, Rock Harvest did not fulfill their end of the agreement (buying flights or sending deposits) and therefore the bands were left no other option than to “not appear” at Rock Harvest.

The main issue for most of these bands, were the flights. The promoters agreed to cover the cost of and buy the artists round trip flights and cover all related expenses for the weekend. Some of the artists agreed to play for free as it was a charity event. But in playing for free they also required hotels and local transportation.

Rock Harvest agreed to all of this with several of these  name bands and also agreed to pay guaranteed fees to some of the bands as well.

My band (Tuff) was one of these bands.

Why I am writing this letter? Simple. I feel it necessary to clear the air.

The promoters from Rock Harvest have been name checking me online and claiming I have sabotaged their event. This is not true. But I did in fact ring the bell and warn every band associated with this event to ‘watch out’ as shit was going to hit the fan. I will say, in reaching out to many of my comrades online, they all didn’t react so fast – and some were convinced by the promoters themselves – that this was just “sour apples with Stevie Rachelle” and to ignore me.

I can tell you today. That every band I contacted has now dropped from this clusterfuck of an event and I was right.

Am I bragging? Nope. Just telling it like it is folks.

I know I am not a big fish, but I won’t sit idle when someone tries to step on me, my band, related brands or people I consider to be friends.

Also to be clear, Rock Harvest did buy and pay for advertisements on Metal Sludge. These were paid in advance to run their ads. But – as I get into detail here, my contract was a little different than some others. I agreed to run all of those ads for FREE – but only –  and only if the event played and paid us (Tuff) our contract in full.

Let me explain how this was to work. Rock Harvest buys ad space, and also agrees to pay Tuff “X” amount of dollars for our appearance at their event. Then from that final payment and/or deposit made to Tuff – all of the Metal Sludge (pre-paid) ‘ad money’ would be deducted from the Tuff “guarantee” which ultimately then gives them the ad space for FREE. Dig?

Rock Harvest did not honor their contract with Tuff, we were never paid, and no we will not appear – so their ad space in the end was not FREE and they paid for it. Thanks for your business.

Let me state again, Tuff never received any of our appearance fee, no flights were purchased and no deposits made. The same applies  for Love/Hate (who were packaged with us for this date) or any other band that I am aware of – contrary to their claims. You’ll see more on that below.

The facts are, Rock Harvest did not honor their contracts. They continued to delay purchasing the flights, delayed the deposits and asked for more time to complete this. Many of the bands and agents (including our own) granted additional time in the form of days, then weeks and even months. When it became clear they were not honoring their obligatory duties – the bands pulled out one by one.

The list of bands who were ‘advertised’ but are no longer appearing at Rock Harvest is noted below. This includes national acts, regional talent and even local bands.


Rock_Harvest_2013_Poster_2Rock Harvest Poster With 2o+ Bands No Longer Involved


As of today’s date, October 23rd 2013 the website http://www.fallenblue.org/ – the alleged ‘charity’ is still promoting a poster similar to the one above listing nearly 2 dozen bands that will not appear on the Rock Harvest event.

It is my opinion, that Rock Harvest is turning into a scam and a rip off for many involved. And the fans are gonna get scammed on this one for sure.

Who says so?

The fans themselves.

Read these comments below from fans who bought tickets for Rock Harvest.


The following comments were taken from the Rock Harvest ticket buy link on ShowClix

Greg C writes:
It has less to do with the money than it does with being a victim of this fraud. The promoter used the names of bands to get me to purchase tickets in July for this November show. I was excited to see the bands that were listed. I planned on driving down from Pittsburgh and making it a weekend event. I recently went to this site to see who the final headliner was. To my surprise the headliners were gone from the list and had changed as well as most of the support bands. What happened to the lineup that I paid to see? I really did not see what was wrong with asking for a refund since I was no longer getting what I paid for. To be totally honest I would prefer that my money went to the cause rather to a promoter who used a bait and switch to defraud their customers. With only a few weeks left till this show I am still unsure what bands will be playing. I have heard that bands on the list have already cancelled and this current list has not been updated. This incident has not only hurt the bands and the people who bought tickets, it has hurt the reputation of the promoter, the cause and Showclix. I would rather purchase tickets at the door of a show than risk being defrauded by a lying promoter. Even tonight I am going to a showclix event and decided to buy tickets at the door rather than using Showclix.

Disgruntled writes:
I’ve been looking forward to this for quite some time. I’ve been a ticket holder for months and now I find out that two-thirds, no wait -make that three-quarters of the bands I wanted to see are out. This is unreal what a damn joke!!! I have the 3 day tickets, reservations at a hotel AND have planned to take off work.

Really writes:
This is the biggest pile of smelling garbage I have ever smelled !!!! You bold face lie!!!
You did not live up to your contractual obligations with the bands. You kept stringing bands on and on and on then blame the bands and you act innocent. Get a clue you defrauded bands!

C Curse writes:
The whole thing is very disappointing. I have been looking forward to this show for many months and just about every band I wanted to see are not on the bill. I know the promoter got screwed, bands got screwed but most importantly the fans got screwed. Selling tickets and holding an event that is now completely different is not right. You guys should do the right thing

Waukesha AOR writes:
i’m a fan who has booked a ticket in january, and after has booked a flight and hotel non refundable. and all the bands I want to see are gone . it’s easy to understand that i’m not “happy”. I don’t loose $45, but $450 and a dream.

Iceman writes:
This Promoter obviously is a scam artist. Remember when he was announcing 2014, Rock Harvest III bands in June, July , how can we trust that they will play next Rock Harvest festival. He overbooked all these bands, we the music fan, fell for it and booked early. Now WE ARE FUCKED ! And the ticket agency will not give refunds back…The police charity that this is for, should be ashamed for scamming the music fan like this with this JOKE of a promotion..I emailed bands, and knew they were not playing this festival, before the promoter let the public know.. Total Joke….More than half the bands that were announced in May, not playing now…..Fuck You Rock Harvest II!

Pat W writes:
@Iceman -totally agree with you. Complete scam this is turning out to be.


Rock Harvest II then responded to the above fans complaints with the following post:


Rock Harvest II writes:

Bands who have “cancelled”, Swindle or not ? (We are not and have not swindled anyone)

HURRICANE, (Robert is in Queensryche now and Andrew is on tour with a DIO Tribute band touring)
KING KOBRA, ( They do not want to tour, this was announced a longtime ago.)
Mitch MALLOY, ( He retired)
Ron KEEL, (Thanks to Stevie Rachelle from Tuff)
FEMME FATALE, (Dropped off a longtime ago,)
LIBERTY’ N JUSTICE, (Band is not together and JK is to busy promoting another festival, conflict of interest)
LOVE & HATE, (fees paid but sponsor dropped off and affected us getting airfare)
TUFF, (fees paid but sponsor dropped off and affected us getting airfare
JETBOY, (a cetain band member is talking to other bands creating BS)
LONDON, (Our fault with booking airfare due to loss of sponsor)
CIRCLE II CIRCLE, ( You will see soon, not our issue)
DEATH DEALER, (Ross the boss had other commitments after contract was signed)
TANGO DOWN, (Lack of airfare money)
LINE OF FIRE, (inner issues with band, not our fault)
DC4, (never a contract and wanted band fees that we did not have)
WHITE WIZZARD, (Band and drama issues, see bands press release)

Keep in mind this event is for fallenblue.org and we did not want any of this to happen at all. Events go through stuff like this all the time, and I have NEVER seen certain bands act so unprofessional. Most bands have understood and they WILL be on the next event.


Rock Harvest continues to sell tickets for the event with the above ShowClix link HERE.


Let me continue about the ‘Promoters’ (Twisted Nail Productions) and ‘Co-Founders’ John Guarnieri and Lyle Desplaines-Hawkins.

Do I think it was their intention from the start to ‘rip off’ the fans? Or mislead the bands? My guess is no it was not.

But, I have to think they had “pie in the sky” ideas and delusions of grandeur about how big their event was going to be. Once the financial reality finally caught up with them and they got in way over their heads – they should have backed off with their promises to both the bands and the fans. Instead they kept repeating the promises with new artists. Anyone who knows any of the people in these bands know that these are not wealthy guys. The cancellation costs them money too because of Twisted Nail Productions and Rock Harvest not living up to their word. Some of these bands also booked other East Coast dates around this event or passed on other related musical projects during the time frame that Rock Harvest had contracted these artists for.

Crazy to think, as much of a train wreck as this year’s event looks to be –  these same guys are already promoting Rock Harvest III for 2014. Yes, and they are already naming ‘headliners’ and promising ‘contracted’ name bands to appear. This is already on Facebook HERE.

Even crazier yet. They have already started a Rock Harvest III (2014) Show Clix ticket buy link HERE and are advertising Helix, Nitro, Banshee, members of Racer X & a dozen other bands. There is even an “inner circled” VIP ticket link for $ 250.00.

This alone makes it feel crooked at best when the current event is in turmoil, hasn’t even played yet, fans are complaining and yet they are pushing next year’s event.

Adding to the insanity. These are the same promoters who booked VAIN to appear at the same venue in the spring of 2013. The show was postponed last minute when the promoters again, did not honor their contract and had not bought the required and contracted flights for the band VAIN. The promoters convinced the group and management to reschedule the VAIN show for September 8th 2013. With only 4 days before show time, on September 4th the same occurred and the promoters asked to reschedule for 2014. To my knowledge, the show has not been rescheduled and likely will not play. The date did play with local bands, no VAIN did not appear, and yes there were many disappointed fans. Many who asked for refunds and were denied.

Same people. Same venue. Same promoters. Same bullshit.

I truly believe these promoters made offers and agreed to conditions they were not capable of fulfilling from the start. Intentionally? Well if it was 1 or 2 bands, maybe a handful – I could accept and understand an error in judgment. But 10, 15 or 25 bands? That isn’t a mistake. Or an error. That is blatant mismanagement of power, and abusing the whole process. This whole thing has left dozens and dozens of people with a bad taste in their mouth.

Shame on me for saying dozens, as it may  be hundreds. 25 bands by 4 members is 100 people. Add in agents, 5th band members, and worse yet – all the fans who bought tickets to go see these groups. My guess is their carelessness has affected more than a few hundred people.

Multiply that times $ 25.00 and $ 75.00 tickets and you have thousands of dollars that has gone where.

Where is that money?

Will the charity even see it?

The funny thing is, I see that John and Lyle are playing the victim here. And also playing the sympathy card going on and on about the charity they are doing this for in an attempt to draw attention away from the fact that they are not fulfilling the promises they made to these bands.  And the fans who bought tickets to see these bands. I have also read another excuse they are giving is the loss of a major sponsor who was supposed to put up the money.  If that is the case let me ask this. Who signs contracts and makes commitments to money they don’t have without confirming that their financial backing is 100% solid first? Rookie mistake!

Again, take into consideration, this isn’t about 1 or 2 bands or 1 night. It’s over 25 bands over 3 nights.  A lot of this has been badly handled to say the least.

Of course doing something for a charity is an honorable and noble thing, especially an important cause as the one they are attempting to help. Fallen Blue raising money for officers killed in the line of duty.  I respect their desire to help this cause, however that doesn’t excuse the fact that their lack of money, lack of experience and poor decisions is hurting these bands and fans who bought tickets – who did absolutely nothing wrong.

I ask this. Is there an actual fund for this charity? Do they have a permit? Who is keeping track of the money and what families, if any have received anything from this ‘event’ – past event or any related event.

A huge issue is Rock Harvest has been posting bands names for months with the words “CONFIRMED ACTS” on their ticket buy link.

Yet every week, 2, 3 or a half dozen more bands magically become unconfirmed.

Note that the list of current bands once contained all of the above noted “cancelled” groups as well. And last week the list was at 35 acts, now it’s down to 30. They edit this link daily. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the ability to buy the tickets. They have also refused any refunds. So if you bought a ticket to see 1, 3, 5 or 15 of the groups advertised  in July – but all of them are now ‘removed’ from the event, you cannot get your money back.

They have recently added the following information to their buy link. Subject to subject?






More about Rock Harvest and the numbers.

A quick check of math would lead you to believe, this is virtually impossible to make any money at all for charity.

Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and assume, that a local Motel chain gives them 30 rooms a night for FREE. As it is for charity. Check that off as an expense.

Let’s assume that a local food eatery or similar, agrees to supply food for 75 persons (bands, staff, crew, etc..) daily for the 3 days. Check. Covered.

Let’s also assume that all bands fly in and play on standard pro back line supplied by a local music store. Again, check off that expense and let’s consider it covered.

But the flights. Here is where the big “how is this possible” factor comes in.

Let’s grab 6-7 bands from the West Coast all of whom were booked, and actually contracted through legitimate licensed booking agencies. Per those contracts – Rock Harvest guaranteed flights for these bands. Let’s take an average of 4 members per band, multiply by 7 bands and you get 28 flights. Let’s assume with basic flight costs these round trip tickets are $ 400.00 each.

That is $ 11,200.00 dollars.

Now without splitting hairs, according to the list above, all of these acts are West Coast.


Some have more than 4 band members and in truth – the roughly 40 flights for these bands are actually $ 16,000.00 dollars.

At $ 25.00 a ticket they need to sell 640 tickets to make $ 16,000.00. The 640 tickets is more than the capacity of the venue alone.

This 16k will just cover the cost of the above noted bands flights – most of whom were slated to appear on the Saturday date alone. Make note that the 3 day event has 30 plus bands and there were guarantees given to several of these bands as well. Clearly a 3 day event involving over 100 musicians, and related staff – the over head has to be well into the thousands of dollars per day. Even with donations, and ‘assumed’ expenses covered (gear/backline, motels, food) the event has to come with some cost.

John & Lyle, both appear to be true fans of music. But being a fan and being a promoter are vastly different. Clearly somewhere along the line John and/or Lyle felt they had graduated from fan to promoter. But sadly, seem to have fallen flat on their face in trying to do so. Even as the last month has found them in the line of fire from angry fans over 2 dozen cancelled bands – they have still been pushing sales and even selling VIP tickets for $ 75.00.

On the ticket buy page it clearly says “CONFIRMED ACTS”

Let’s open up the dictionary and define the word SCAM.

It says the following: Scams, scamming, scammed. (tr) to swindle (someone) by means of a trick. scam (skæm) n., v. scammed, scam•ming. n. 1. a fraudulent scheme; swindle. a dishonest way to make money by deceiving people. Full Definition of SCAM. : a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation

Now let me say that I didn’t think that John & Lyle were outright thieves or con artists from the get go, as Rock Harvest had approached me to book Tuff in 2012 at their event. What they originally offered didn’t work for us. They wanted us to fly across country and play for free at this ‘charity’ event. I am all for charity. But I can’t appear in Baltimore for free with a group of guys. I live in Southern California and a few of my other band mates live in the Midwest. But Rock Harvest (John) insisted they’d cover all flights, hotels, etc.. I questioned this immediately and said “Even if you’re doing an event for charity, even if we play for free – you will spend a few grand to fly us and put us in a hotel room or two for the weekend. How will you be able to donate ANY money if you spend a few thousand dollars on Tuff alone to appear.”

Needless to say 2012 never happened.

Then after the guys saw the band (and others) at M3 Music Festival this year there was interest again. This time they were very aggressive to book Tuff, Love/Hate, Femme Fatale, Jetboy, Leatherwolf, Silent Rage, London, Flotsam N’ Jetsam and about 20 other bands. The lineup has changed so much over the last 90 days, I’d bet there have been upwards of 75 bands advertised as “Appearing at Rock Harvest” and “Confirmed Acts” with a “Buy Tickets Here” link all over their Facebook pages.

Yet in the middle of all the drama, turmoil, misrepresentation and fan concern, John and Lyle just keep on weaving their web. No one seems to care enough to call their bluff so to speak, so I have. I felt it very necessary to call these guys out for all to see.

I will close for now and tell you that I am sorry for anyone who has bought tickets to this event and feels like they have been cheated. I feel cheated, but mainly because I looked forward to another East Coast trip to play for fans and friends again.  I am looking at my office calendar now and there is a big black marker crossing out the words Rock Harvest.

I urge all of you to share this, tweet it, post it, email it and send to as many people as you can. Spread the word.

Thanks for reading.

Stevie Rachelle

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  • metalmanmusicfan

    iam very disappointed and disturbed at what the promoters of rock harvest have done. As a veteran of hundreds of shows , I have never witnessed such a disaster . Lyle DesPlaines Hawkins and John Gurineier need to step up , do the right thing and GIVE THE FANS THERE MONEY BACK . This event is nothing more than a sham. I purchased almost a dozen tickets for family and friends and none of them want to go or will go. Are the bands listed still gonna make it ?? will people travel from out of state only to find the doors closed ?? I DONT TRUST YOU TWISTED NAIL ! give us our money back.

  • Alexis

    i am just annoyed, there are no words. we are stuck with 3 tickets, we were gonna drive 6 hrs from ohio to this event. i like how they had reasons (excuses) for all the acts who no longer are performing.

  • mkhnks

    Wherever this concert is, there’s one hell of a great story to be told by local media outlets when the time comes for this “charity concert.” Stevie, alert the media, (the local newspapers and TV stations, not your Metal Sludge counterparts.) There’s a good chance this 2014 concert never happens, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they sell a bunch of 2014 tickets and then magically file bankruptcy, leaving fans high and dry. Release the media watchdogs now, before anyone else is scammed!

  • Alexis

    i think fiance said the tickets were $80 each. he, myself, and my daughter. $240. i was looking forward to this. Screw these greedy b*stards who arent giving us refunds.

  • Ron Keel

    The promoter has added one falsehood on top of the other. I did NOT cancel “Thanks to Stevie Rachelle.” Stevie is a friend and comrade in this business, but he and I NEVER discussed this event. I was forced to pull out due to the same breaches of contract – no travel arrangements made, no arrangements for hotel/ground transport etc…because this was a charity event, I had agreed to waive my appearance fee – I just needed the logistics to be taken care of. I have not “broken up” or “retired,” there is no conflict of interest, I’m just not in a position to work with people that I can’t trust to live up to their word.

  • Mitch Bradford

    I attended Rock Harvest in 2012. It was quite a dismal turnout. The venue was easily twice the size of the 2013 venue(changed because the old venue no longer exists) and was at most 1/4 full. Acts included Burning Rain(Whitesnake/Montrose members), Don Dokken, LA Guns, Paul Shortino(Rough Cutt/King Kobra), Mandy Lions(WWIII), Mark Boals(Yngwie Malmsteen), Neil Turbin, and various local acts. It was only 1 day. There were a couple of acts that may have not performed as advertised(Ashes of Ares for one). Even with some of the star power that was there, it was an extremely disappointing turnout. I live 30 mins from both of the venues(which are 10 mins apart) and there has hardly been any or no promotion for this event and it was the same last year. This is being held 15 mins from downtown Baltimore and you would think they would have locals such as Kix on the bill to help with ticket sales, but no. I talked to Doug Aldrich(Burning Rain)as last years event and told him I felt sorry for such a lousy turnout and told him there was no promo. He said he didn’t mind because it was all for charity. There is no way that any of the bands last year were compensated for there expenses and still have money to put towards charity. I can’t say I smell a scam either but just more like two fans that have no idea how to conduct business on this level

  • 1Rachell_Stevens1

    Look, another “open letter” from the Tuff guy. What a bitter a-hole. You can’t afford a $500 flight? Don’t book the gig. After all, it’s charity. You did the math and still signed a contract? Understand how charities work but still wanted thousands in expenses for Trooff to appear? How giving of you.
    Enjoy that advertising money. It’s not like Sludge hoodies are selling or anything.

  • Don Rogers

    I bought a ‘VIP’ ticket back in February to this joke, very psyched to get the chance to see and meet some of the greats: Ron Keel, Leather Leone, Zak Stevens to name a few, and the just unbelievably GREAT roster of bands – I was going to drive 1600 miles round trip to see the show, and couldn’t wait to do it. Hindsight is always 20/20, and I couldn’t give a fuck about the money, I can piss away $75 walking out my front door – what pisses me off is that these promoters are putting the blame on the bands, and it is pretty obvious that is just not the case – grow a pair, gentlemen – be MEN and admit that YOU fucked this up

  • GregStafford

    I came across the festival about a month ago. Living in Maryland I thought this would be something cool the wife and I could attend. I did some research and found more and more things about the fest and the bands that have cancelled their appearance. I went and reviewed other information and realized it wasn’t worth it. Now after reading this article I am glad I did not pursue it any further and a big thanks to Stevie Rachelle for such a cool article. With festivals such as this, it makes it harder for a legitimate festival to get started.

  • Truth/Be/Told

    Hi everyone! This is Suzanne, I am the publicist/press agent for Rock Harvest II. On behalf of the RH II team, I thank you for your continued support of the upcoming (Nov. 7 – 9) event benefitting ‘Fallen Blue’.

    You may be aware of some recent online posts/comments made by some disgruntled persons no longer involved in RH II that attempt to cast a shadow on the event and also those who are working hard to provide you with three fun days of great music by great musicians/artists, all of which benefits a well-needed charity. We regret those persons feel as they do and find it necessary to publicize their misperceptions and disappointments in what we feel is an attempt to distract from the true meaning and purpose behind Rock Harvest II.

    You, our fans and supporters, deserve to have available the facts surrounding the misleading, incorrect and slanderous online posts/comments. To that, myself and the RH II legal counsel will release an official statement later today to specifically address, and clear up, the matters being falsely reported. The statement will be available to read here on this page as well as it will be available online at applicable music/entertainment sites.

    We greatly appreciate all of the positive posts, messages and phone calls from you expressing continued belief in, and support of, RH II and for also seeing the true intent of those who desire to take attention away from not only what RH II is all about but also the musicians and bands who will be appearing. We have a great 3-day event coming up and look forward to seeing everyone! Suzanne

  • Truth/Be/Told

    Hi everyone! This is Suzanne, I am the publicist/press agent for Rock Harvest II. On behalf of the RH II team, I thank you for your continued support of the upcoming (Nov. 7 – 9) event benefitting ‘Fallen Blue’.

    You may be aware of some recent online posts/comments made by some disgruntled persons no longer involved in RH II that attempt to cast a shadow on the event and also those who are working hard to provide you with three fun days of great music by great musicians/artists, all of which benefits a well-needed charity. We regret those persons feel as they do and find it necessary to publicize their misperceptions and disappointments in what we feel is an attempt to distract from the true meaning and purpose behind Rock Harvest II.

    You, our fans and supporters, deserve to have available the facts surrounding the misleading, incorrect and slanderous online posts/comments. To that, myself and the RH II legal counsel will release an official statement later today to specifically address, and clear up, the matters being falsely reported. The statement will be available to read here on this page as well as it will be available online at applicable music/entertainment sites.

    We greatly appreciate all of the positive posts, messages and phone calls from you expressing continued belief in, and support of, RH II and for also seeing the true intent of those who desire to take attention away from not only what RH II is all about but also the musicians and bands who will be appearing. We have a great 3-day event coming up and look forward to seeing everyone! Suzanne

  • mkhnks

    Why would so many bands go out of their way to badmouth your event if the organizers of your event have not failed in any way?

    Doesn’t pass the smell test, Suzanne.

  • Truth/Be/Told

    Posted on FB by Neil Turbin:

    I had the opportunity to perform for Fallen Blue Police Benefit for the families of fallen law enforcement officers outside the line of duty at Rock Harvest I in November 2012 with Bloodied Angels. It was an fantastic event and a great hang with so many inspired and amazing performances by Doug Aldrich, Mark Boals, Paul Shortino, David Henzerling, Phil Lewis, Scotty Griffin, Don Dokken, Marten Andersson, AJ Pero, Sean McNabb, Michael Olivieri, Ghost Of War and many others. We were treated exceptionally well. It was a pleasure to make new friends and get to catch up with old ones and see so many fans from the east coast/mid-atlantic. It was not just about rock n roll but a serious cause that helps families devastated by severe physical, emotional, financial loss more fucked up than a reality show just not as glamorous. While it is unfortunate that a number of bands slated to perform did not receive air travel and accommodation due to lack of sponsorship funding and government shutdown that affected paychecks, so the organizers did not have the ability to pay out of their own pocket. They could have overbooked or underestimated the sheer number of bands and cumulative costs. A bit too ambitious music fans maybe. They have been the target of a lot of criticism due to the number of bands and names no longer on the 2013 event, which is understandable, but unfair for anyone to slander the event, the charity or to make personal attacks on the people themselves, which is completely out of line. The ones that this truly hurts are the fans who bought tickets, VIP and made arrangements, took time off from work and were planning to see their favorite bands. While it is disappointing that we are not performing this year and it is somewhat inconvenient as we would have booked other shows, we understand and gave extra time in case they could bring us out. It is sad that some are exploiting the missteps of this event to promote themselves for their own profit at the expense of the charity. I don’t see how that is helping the families of fallen officers and their deceased loved ones. This is a charity Hello: As I mentioned I was there last year and I saw the tears and heard the cries of hurt and loss from a fellow rocker who lost their family member. It’s someone we all know of. This is very real shit. I support Fallen Blue Police and Rock Harvest.
    At the end of the day the show must go on! There are still many great bands to see performing such as Raven, Ghost Of War, Ashes of Ares, Xander Demos and the incredible hands without shadows Michael Angelo Batio m/><m/.

  • Russell Gillett

    Stop spreading lies and just admit your people fucked up. Not buying any of your BS, Suzanne (if that’s even your real name)

  • Russell Gillett

    Name calling right off the bat pretty much destroys any credibility you have. Obviously, someone’s not getting enough attention. Go and do your trolling somewhere else.

  • dmj

    How about a certain someone (who shall remain nameless ) contacted many and there was a loss of a major sponsor. This isn’t a scam and it’s amazing how much time this person is spending to spread negative rumors about an event and people. I think maybe he should concentrate on his own affairs because honestly he needs it. I really only see a few badmouthing and if you go to the Rock Harvest page you’ll see a statement from Neil Turbin. He’s an amazing artist and very honest and truthful.

  • dmj

    Doug is an amazing man and there’s the hint “he doesn’t mind because it’s for charity”

  • dmj

    How about people can do what they want and defend an event that is for a needed charity. I went to the first one and I’m happily going again this year. I support what they are doing and you’re just mad bc some of us are standing up and saying something to you haters!!!!

  • dmj

    Don – there was a statement that was released and it covers some of the issues. Also Neil Turbin wrote a statement. Things went wrong but by no means is this event a scam. This article is very one sided by a disgruntled person. I know for a fact White Wizzard broke up (which I’m bummed about) This is the second year for Rock Harvest and yes they’re experiencing growing pains as does any festival or event. I look forward to Rock Harvest III 2014. In keeping in mind for this year it’s all about the cause. Yes there were bands I wanted to see but there’s still many worthy bands plating. Some I have seen and some I haven’t. I keep an open mind to music and enjoy spending the time with my friends – who are all coming to RH II.

  • Truth/Be/Told

    Maybe you, Stevie and everyone else who keeps the drama flowing should open their dictionary and educate yourself on the word ‘CHARITY’.

  • Truth/Be/Told

    Why wouldn’t so many bands collaborate with the promoters and find a compromise to play at this charity event?

    Doesn’t pass the benevolence test, MKHNKS.

  • Truth/Be/Told

    Yes, Stevie, please contact as many media outlets as possible!! Please inform them to show up at 5:00 PM, Thursday, November 7th, at the House of Rock, 11445 Pulaski Hwy, White Marsh MD, 21162. We’d be honored to have them cover our charity event for the Fallen Blue!

  • Metal4Ever

    Someone should look into this charity and what it has really done with the money raised from these events… interesting that both John and his wife are on the Board of Directors. http://fallenblue.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=48&Itemid=68

  • Guest

    Prophetb are friends of mine,crap they just did Firefest in the U.K.I hope they don’t waste their time going to this c/f.

  • Anthony Krutis

    Prophet are friends of mine.They justd did Firefest in the U.K.I hope they they don’t get sucked into this c.f.

  • Truth/Be/Told

    For Immediate Release

    Rock Harvest II Publicist Issues Statement
    In Response To False Information Being Circulated

    Houston, TX – October 28, 2013. Suzanne Penley, publicist for ROCK HARVEST II, has released a statement to denounce misleading and false information posted online by Steve Rachelle, vocalist with the band, TUFF, regarding the fundraiser and its organizers, John Guarnieri and Lyle Hawkins.

    ROCK HARVEST II is a three-day music festival being held November 7 – 9, 2013 in White Marsh, MD benefiting FALLEN BLUE, a non-profit organization formed in 2010 by Guarnieri, an active-duty US Secret Service Officer. FALLEN BLUE provides assistance to the families of police officers killed outside the line of duty.

    The band, TUFF, was originally scheduled to perform at ROCK HARVEST II and its vocalist, Steve Rachelle, recently launched an online smear campaign about the event and its organizers on his website, Metal Sludge, as a result of some changes in the lineup of the bands/artists scheduled to perform.

    “The sponsor who’s support was earmarked to cover the necessary travel expenses for eight (8) of the bands scheduled to perform, did not follow through on their commitment of support. This left the event organizers with no choice but to rescind the invitation to the bands/artists: LOVE/HATE; DEATHRIDERS with Neil Turbin; CAGE; BENEDICTUM; LEATHERWOLF; SILENT RAGE; Ron Keel; and, TUFF”, said Penley. The organizers accept responsibility, and apologize for, not securing all committed sponsor monies in advance of publicizing the bands/artist’s participation in this benefit concert. They had every reason to believe the funds would be available and at no time have organizers misrepresented to the public the bands/artists that were to perform and/or will be performing. All posted and published lineup information was valid at the time the information was released”, Penley added.

    “Steve Rachelle’s comments about ROCK HARVEST II, its organizers, John Guarnieri and Lyle Hawkins, and the event beneficiary, ‘FALLEN BLUE’, surrounding some recent changes in the originally scheduled lineup, are simply misleading and false. We are unsure of, and surprised by, his need to make such a negative, public outcry with unwarranted accusations as to the validity of the event and its organizers”, said Penley.

    One example that his comments are misleading and/or false is regarding the list of bands/artists he posted on his site, Metal Sludge, that “were advertised but are no longer appearing at…”. “We are not sure why or how Mr. Rachelle came to the perception that some of those bands/artists were not going to perform since several featured on his list are in fact, scheduled – and confirmed, to perform at ROCK HARVEST II.

    In response to Mr. Rachelle’s claim that “no deposits were made…” by organizers, is false. A total of $2,000 was paid via PayPal in four, $500 transactions (each) on July 29, 2013; August 12, 2013; August 26, 2013; and, September 10, 2013. “We regret that Stevie has apparently forgotten about these transactions and will be more than happy to provide him with copies of, and/or post online for review, the PayPal receipts which clearly show to whom the monies were paid, the date & time, that the transaction was ‘completed’ and even the transaction ID”, said Guarnieri.

    “Furthermore, I think it is important for our fans to know that when it became necessary to inform Stevie of the situation with the lost sponsorship monies to cover the travel expenses for he and his band, TUFF, we elected to not request the return of the deposit monies paid to Stevie because of the (free) promotions he had done up to that point on his site about the event”, Guarnieri added.

    Other changes in the lineup, outside of the eight bands the organizers had to withdraw, were as a result from the bands/artists themselves who, for varied reasons not related to the event or its organizers, asked to be withdrawn. Below are excerpts from emails sent to the event organizers from some of those bands/artists who withdrew:

    ·’SEVEN KINGDOMS’: “Got a little bit of bad news for you. Seven Kingdoms is choosing to drop out of Rock Harvest even if you’ll be able to cover their expenses….”

    ·’LYNAM’ (per their agent): “I have to reschedule the dates of the ‘Lynam’ tour till later…. Thank you again for all you help and sorry for the inconvenience.”

    ·’DC/4′: “I am going to have to pull us out of this show…. We don’t have a contract so this is a pretty simple thing. Sorry this didn’t work out …, we love the cause and hope you can make this happen in a way that helps these Policemen and their families. We wish you only the very best of luck with Rock Harvest 2!”

    ·’LINE OF FIRE’: “Hey John… hope all is going well. I hate to do it, but we’re going to have to cancel our appearance at Rock Harvest II. We really appreciate you offering us the opportunity to be on roster, but logistically at this time it’s just not possible for us. We’ve had some developments that have altered our original course, and we wanted to tell you now rather than too much later. Thanks again…good luck with the event.”

    ·’HURRICANE’: “Unfortunately because of touring schedules with Robert and other commitments from Andy we will not be able to make it this year, sorry for any inconvenience, hope it all goes well.”

    ·’MITCH MALLOY’: (In response to an email sent by Guarnieri on April 8, 2013 to confirm his participation.) “I doubt it…. No I’m not coming sorry…Thanks for asking.”
    ‘CIRCLE II CIRCLE’ withdrew their participation at ROCK HARVEST II via an email sent two months ago by vocalist, Zak Stevens, to one of the event organizers. Because Stevens asked organizers to not share his email and the reason behind the cancellation, organizers declined to share any excerpts only stating that included in the email exchange was an agreement for the band to perform at ROCK HARVEST III (2014). However, in light of a post made four days ago on their Facebook page, it does not appear the band will perform at the 2014 event and organizers “are disappointed in the recent position Stevens and the band have taken”.

    ROCK HARVEST II will occur November 7 – 9 at House of Rock in White Marsh, MD and will benefit ‘FALLEN BLUE’.

  • fletch

    When stevie is right, he’s right. I feel I got scammmed, too. I bought tix to see the advertized line up and now I can’t even get a refund. There, suzanne, I contributed to your “charity”. RHll should have gone bigger instead and advertized van halen w/ Michael Anthony, led zeppelin, and the original line ups of GNR and KISS.

  • fletch

    • 2 hours ago• 0 0

    When stevie is right, he’s right. I feel I got scammmed, too. I bought tix to see the advertized line up and now I can’t even get a refund. There, suzanne, I contributed to your “charity”. RHll should have gone bigger instead and advertized van halen w/ Michael Anthony, led zeppelin, and the original line ups of GNR and KISS.

  • Kim Hewitt

    Pissed too!

  • Russell Gillett

    Biggest load of crap I’ve ever read.

  • Russell Gillett

    I would if you showed any. Obviously, you don’t.

  • Russell Gillett

    Only hater here is you. Go spread your lies somewhere else.

  • Pingback: Rock Harvest Loses More Bands. Artists Speak Out, Fans Unhappy, While Promoters Play The Charity Card With A Foot In Their Mouth. | Metal Sludge

  • nnz

    Such a joke, Just hide behind a charity. I think people have a potential lawsuit here Apparently this is a regular occurence for this promoter Twisted Nails Productions. .

  • mkhnks

    Because a promoter is trying to put together a fundraising event, bands should go out of their way to make it happen.
    More important, your comment completely ignores the fact that multiple acts have dropped out and cited the failure of the promoter as the reason.
    Why bother addressing a legitimate question when you can just try to confuse the readers by shifting the blame elsewhere, eh Truth/Be/Told?

  • mkhnks

    Possible, one man’s sour grapes were enough to convince a major sponsor to back out. Seems highly unlikely, but if that story makes sense to you, that’s all that matters.

  • mkhnks

    Be careful what you wish for.

  • mkhnks

    I find the “charity” aspect of this to be questionable, for sure. Many charity events are less than they seem. I remember a “charity” bicycle ride that was discontinued more than a decade ago. Why? It was, indeed, a charity bike ride, but the return to charity for every dollar pledged was rather low. When people learned than less than 30 cents of every dollar they donated went to charity, the bad publicity killed the bike ride.

    I’ll be very interested to read how much this event provides to its charity. If $1 of every ticket goes to charity, is that bad? Nope, not at all, people are getting entertainment for their dollars, and that’s a fair trade. But damn, the charity aspect of this thing is getting beaten like a racehorse, as if that makes it OK to fail at conducting a multi-day music festival.

  • mkhnks

    That doesn’t look suspicious at all! (/sarcasm)

  • Truth/Be/Told

    A letter to the Fans and all those associated with Rock Harvest II,

    This is Aaron Collins, bass player of White Trash and acting booking agent of the band, through my production company – Gotham Gold Music Productions. First off – I am happy to confirm that White Trash will indeed be performing on Sat. Nov. 9th at Rock Harvest II, in support of fallenblue.org. We are happy to be back performing in the Baltimore area for the first time in almost 20 years, especially in conjunction with this event, since it is for a noble charity – which for those who didn’t know- supports the families of police officers that have been wounded or killed in the line of duty.

    I am not one to pay too much attention to internet back and forth. However, it is clear that John and his company have taken a lot of punches over the cancellation of many of the bands for Rock Harvest II. I can only say that John has been 100% straight in his dealings with us. As a matter of fact, White Trash was supposed to originally perform last winter for John @ The House of Rock, and due to an East Coast blizzard, WE were forced to pull out of the show. One of the only times we have ever cancelled a show. It is our understanding that a major sponsor for Rock Harvest II unexpectedly pulled out, leaving the event in a pinch in covering many of the band’s travel expenses. This sucks for everyone – all the fans, and other bands playing the event- including us. However, all I can say is, in my dealings with John, I believe he has done the best that they can in keeping this awesome event together, even with all the cancellations. Really, this event is for a charity and fallenblue.org , first and foremost.

    One of the members of The Badass Brass, the White Trash horn section, has a brother in the NYPD and the bass player on our 2nd album – Eric Brodin- is an injured member of the FDNY. Many of us here in New York have a strong respect for officers that risk their lives every day in the line of duty, which we saw first-hand after the 9/11 tragedy of 2001. That respect gives us added pleasure in participating in this event. All I can say is White Trash is happy to be back playing in the Baltimore area after all these years. Happy to be playing for John Guarnieri and happy to help support a noble charity like fallenblue.org . Hope to see u guys on Nov. 9th !!!
    Aaron Collins
    White Trash
    Gotham Gold Music Productions

  • Truth/Be/Told

    Message from Rob Dukes (Exodus & Generation Kill)

    To metal fans,

    It’s an honor to play for FallenBlue.org We are stoked to play Rock Harevst II. We all know Life can throw all of us things we don’t see coming and some people don’t have anyone to help. If Generation Kill can play some music and help people then we are honored to do so. I hope the people in the Baltimore area come out to the show and have some fun and at the same time, help people who are in a tough situation. Here is where you can purchase Tickets http://bit.ly/VVOx4H See you there

    - Rob Dukes

  • Truth/Be/Told


    Greetings Metalheads,

    Ashes of Ares would like to thank you all, in advance, for being a part of Rock Harvest and supporting Fallen Blue. This is a very important charity, and deserves all we can give. This has been a difficult year for everyone, and some hurdles are just impossible to clear, but for those of us who can donate our time and energy, I know that our work will pay off. We truly appreciate everyone’s support, as we work through the, sometimes, difficult workings of a festival/benefit. We look forward to seeing everybody on November 7, and performing the Ashes of Ares debut in it’s entirety. Thanks…see you there!

    -Matt Barlow

  • Truth/Be/Told

    From John Gallagher of Raven 5 hours ago

    Hi – just to set things straight – we have every intention to play the Fallen Blue rock harvest show on Nov 8th – some one has been spreading rumors we are sick..or in Europe etc….this is not the case – apparently another act has issues – not us.

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  • Derp

    This is a charity for cops. That’s enough to make me wanna stay as far away from it as possible.

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  • mkhnks

    Sounds like Rock Harvest is getting coverage tonight, Nov. 14, on a Baltimore TV station. Why is it just getting covered now? Usually events get covered when they happen. Why would a TV station cover an event five days after it happened? I don’t know, but I intend to find out. I’m sure you’ll be honored by the coverage.

  • mkhnks

    Have you written a thank you note to ABC2 in Baltimore for the honor of being covered by their news team?

    Nothing they said proved that Fallen Blue is a scam. Nothing they said proved that Guarnieri is an incompetent buffoon. That remains to be determined.

    What did I learn? A charity concert, and it’s organizer, must have been too embarrassed to address the mainstream media that Truth/Be/Told claimed it would be an honor to speak with.

    What else did I learn? Somebody at Fallen Blue is not smart enough to understand what a nonprofit organization is. ABC2 showed how the organization tried to wipe away references to the fact it claimed to be a nonprofit organization.

    And what else did I learn? If a $25 ticket for the entertainment provided was worth your time and money, more power to you. But if you’re interested in donating money to the families of dead police officers, DO NOT GIVE A DIME TO FALLEN BLUE. Give it to an organization that is registered as a nonprofit and has a clue about what it is doing.

    “Yes, Stevie, please contact as many media outlets as possible!”

    I told you to be careful what you wished for.

  • Pingback: “Rock Harvest” President John Guarnieri Investigated by ABC For His “Fallen Blue” Non Profit Charity. -Video- | Metal Sludge

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  • Linda

    I can tell you why they are advertising ticket sales now for 2014, because they need that money, probably to cover their asses for the loss they already had. They need money in a bad way or they wouldn’t be doing this at this early in the game. It’s all about the need of the mighty green dollar….

  • Linda

    They were waiving their fee’s for playing. What more did they want from the band. Many of these bands don’t just have tons of money to piss off on plane tickets, and when the promoters promised them air fare and hotel, then never did send the tickets, yea I think something is suspicious. I know bands that couldn’t afford to fly that distance, 4 to 5 members in a band your talking 2 grand easy or 2500. Tickets run from 300 to 400 per person round trip. You do the math. I know many bands that can’t afford anything near this. They offer to play free all the time to events or charities. But hey a written contract is a contract. The promoters and everyone involved should have taken care of this. I’m like everyone else, 1 or 2 bands dropping out is one thing, but it is kind of suspicious when you have 25 plus dropping out. Yea….And to already want people to buy tickets for 2014. This makes me think that they are in desperate need of funds or they wouldn’t be asking fans to buy tickets this early. I surely wouldn’t.

  • Linda

    Rock Harvest is the one that said that in their response post above in the post. IT says at the top of the post that Rock Harvest was posting.

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