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Faster Pussycat about to embark on 30+ date fall tour including the first ever Skull Fest!




Faster Pussycat. Real, dirty, rock n’ roll on tour with no apologies.

Hollywood –  The land of lost angels and bruised egos has brought forth a gang of music groups. The punks, the metal guys, the hairbands and even some grunge rockers. And like usual, the singer is always the key component to make up a brand. Why the singer? Why the fuck not. Unless you’re playing piano or reinventing the axe – which no one has since Yngwie or Eddie. Then the singer matters most.

Plain and simple.

Such is the case with Taime Downe of Faster Pussycat.

Some singers got famous and some got rich. Some went back to college and some just ride motor cycles and play rock n’ roll.

This is Taime Downe.

No interview here, no big story to tell. Just straight up with a few tidbits about one of Hollywood’s 80s legends.

Sure we had Vince Neil, Axl Rose and Bret Michaels who all claimed the highest mountains from these circles. But someone has to be the Sunset Strips – Michael Monroe if you will. Or our Lemmy, our Iggy Pop or our Henry Rollins.

Taime is that guy in the Sludge book. Not to sound cliche’ – but Taime Downe is the real deal folks.

Faster Pussycat is on the road, and Taime will go kick 30 some odd cities asses in a way that only his filthy fucking self can. And we say this with great respect for a man who smokes his cigarette with a coolness that not one name comes to mind that matches it.  Last we checked Taime is still a mother fucker of a frontman and he’ll be motherfucking stages starting October 18th.

Do yourself a favor. Grab some friends, throw on a dirty t-shirt (black preferred) and hit them up for a show. You won’t regret it.


10/18/13 TUBA CITY, AZ                            TUBA CITY GREYHILLS ACADEMY GYM

10/19/13 DENVER, CO                                 THE CONTINENTAL ROOM


10/22/13 MOORHEAD, MN                         THE GARAGE BAR

10/23/13 DES MOINES, IA                          KRAZEE KAFE

10/24/13 APPLETON, WI                             LUNA LOUNGE

10/25/13 SAUK RAPIDS, MN                      BUBBA’S BAR

10/26/13 JACKSONVILLE, IL                     ON THE ROCKS

10/27/13 CANTON, IL                                  MOORE’S PUB

10/28/13 COLUMBUS, OH                          TURTLE CREEK TAVERN

10/29/13 N. CANTON, OH                           SADIE RENE’S

10/30/13 LAKEWOOD, OH                         FOUNDRY CONCERT CLUB

10/31/13 TEANECK, NJ                                MEXICALI LIVE

11/01/13 AKRON, NY                                  BRAUN’S BAR & GRILL

11/02/13 LONG BRANCH, NJ                     THE BRIGHTON BAR

11/03/13 AMITYVILLE, NY                        REVOLUTION BAR & MUSIC HALL


11/06/13 LAFAYETTE, IN                           JERILEE’S PUB

11/07/13 MEMPHIS, TN                               ROCKHOUSE LIVE

11/08/13 DARDANELLE, AR                      FRONT STREET GRILL

11/09/13 OKLAHOMA CITY, OK               LEON’S LOUNGE

11/11/13 SALT LAKE CITY, UT                 THE ROYAL

11/12/13 BOISE, ID                                       THE SHREDDER

11/13/13 SEATTLE, WA                               STUDIO SEVEN

11/14/13 PORTLAND, OR                            TONIC LOUNGE

11/15/13 EUGENE, OR                                 DIABLO’S DOWNTOWN LOUNGE

11/22/13 FRESNO, CA                                  FULTON 55

11/29/13 PHOENIX, AZ                               JOE’S GROTTO

11/30/13 LAS VEGAS, NV                           VAMP’D ROCK BAR

12/01/13 TUCSON, AZ                                 XS

12/19/13 DALLAS, TX                                  TREES

12/21/13 HOUSTON, TX                              WAREHOUSE LIVE (W/ SKID ROW)

03/29/14 – 04/02/14 MIAMI, FL – NASSAU, BAHAMAS                MONSTERS OF ROCK CRUISE (MSC DIVINIA)


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