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The Sexiest & Voted Most Favorite Female Rock Singers On The Planet – Diemonds, Sister Sin & Crucified Barbara!

Priya Panda of Diemonds is not just a pretty face. She’s a bad ass rock n’ roll singer too.


Fans voted Crucified Barbara, Sister Sin & Diemonds as having their favorite female singers.


Wow. We’ve tallied upwards of 30,000 votes for this “Whose Your Favorite Female Rock Singer” poll.

The fans of these somewhat new and young female fronted rock bands were all over this and seemed to have voted non stop. Now if they voted cause they liked the band, the songs, the girls voice or her looks is really anyone’s guess. Regardless, they voted by the thousands. Not only are these girls hot but they all can deliver the goods with some bad ass vocals to boot.

Don’t believe us? Go see any of these girls live and you won’t feel cheated. They rock.

Our official winner is Mia Coldheart of Crucified Barbara.

Mia Coldheart of Crucified Barbara


Sweden’s Crucified Barbara have been knocking it around in their homeland for a long while. How long? Well according to some quick searches it looks like formed in 1998. Now that’s not exactly a new band, but Heart was formed in the 70s, and Joan Jett and Lita Ford are north of 50 so these ‘younger’ girls are what we’d like to call young. Dig?

We’d like to think anyone who formed in the late 90s or in the 2000s is a ‘new band’ in Sludge’s book.

Back to our winner. Mia Coldheart  won this poll with over 7,000 votes and we give a shout out to her and the Barbara sisters. Speaking of sisters. Sister Sin singer Liv Jagrell comes in 2nd place with over 6,800 votes. Liz & Sister Sin are also from Sweden and clearly their fan base believes in them the same. They too have been around a minute – and formed in 2002.


Liv Jagrell of Sister Sin

Our third place goes to Priya Panda and Diemonds who are from Toronto Canada. Priya and her all boy ‘back up’ band formed in 2006 and are a little newer to the game but don’t let their youth, or her beauty fool ya! This band can rock for sure and has turned many heads in recent years.

We congratulate them on 6,489 votes from their diehard diemond fans.


Priya Panda & Diemonds



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