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Bumblefoot talks Gn’R concert tardiness & details annoyance with anything running late, than says: “I’m not trying to bash Axl or anything.”



Bumblefoot on Axl’s tardiness “There’s been times when I just walked off stage and just started throwing a fit on the side.”


GUNS N’ ROSES guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal was interviewed on the latest episode of “Totally Driven Radio”, the weekly radio podcast heard live every Thursday night from 8 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. EST on the VOC Nation Radio Network. You can now listen to the podcast using the audio player below.

Asked about GUNS N’ ROSES’ continual stage tardiness, with long waits for singer Axl Rose just as much a definite at a the band’s concerts a couple of years ago as hearing “Paradise City” or “Welcome To The Jungle”, Thal said: “That hasn’t happened for a long time. But it did for a long time. And that’s not something that I can ignore and pretend hasn’t happened or didn’t happen.”I absolutely had the hardest time out of anybody in the band with that stuff — with ‘late’ stuff.

“I’m always in touch with one very simple thing: you make music to make people happy. You put on a show, you entertain — whatever you wanna call it — you do it to make people happy. And to be happy, and to just share this great moment together. And anything that takes away from that or undoes that or creates the opposite of that is completely just anti why you’re doing what you’re doing. So if there are 20,000 people that are pissed off, ’cause we just left them…

“I mean, hell, if I have to wait five minutes longer in a doctor’s office, or in traffic or something like that, I’m starting to get annoyed. So imagine, if that’s five minutes, imagine two hours. Yeah, I get it; I totally get it. It’s not like I don’t care, it’s just… there’s nothing I can do.

“But that was something I had a very hard time with, and there’s been times when I just walked off stage and just started throwing a fit on the side. I had a really hard time with that, and I understand, and I know. And it’s not just that, it’s not just the waiting, it’s the fact that… if you’re gonna do that to someone that isn’t expecting that and has a babysitter waiting, or you have to be up in four hours for work, or whatever it is, or the buses are gonna stop running soon, or whatever it is…

“It’s, like, you didn’t go out that night and buy those tickets and do us the honor of having your presence there just to stain our existence so that we could completely fuck you and inconvenience you and put you in this position wher, alright, ‘My life is gonna be really annoying, and I have to choose between missing the show after waiting for it, or seeing it.’

“I’ve gotten so much resentment over that from people. And they have the right. And I’m just happy that that’s not happening anymore. And I’m really, really happy that we’ve been going on time, close to on time, sometimes early. And I know the fans are very happy; the people that come to the show are much happier about that.

“There’s always the fans that are, like, ‘Nah, it’s a rock concert. They should be three hours late.’ Maybe for you, but not for the other 20,000 people… Everyone’s got responsibilities. Rent isn’t what it was in the ’70s. There’s a lot more living hand to mouth, and you can’t fuck with that. And I get it. And this is not some kind of, like… I’m not trying to bash Axl or anything. I get it. And I’m just glad that we’ve been doing better with that.”

In an August 2010 radio interview, former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach, a close personal friend of Axl Rose, offered an explanation for why the GUNS N’ ROSES frontman is persistently late going on stage. “Everybody has all these theories as to why he acts the way he acts, and there’s no big mystery,” Bach said. “He tells me the source of all of the insanity — it’s his voice. It’s his job to sing like that, and sometimes that sound is hard for him. And a lot of singers, you know… To sing in that range is just not an easy thing to do. And he does what he can, and it takes him 45 more minutes to warm up his pipes so he can sing ‘Sweet Child O’Mine’.”

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  • Mike

    This is officially the lamest thing I have ever read. Axl…grow up. You’re a grown man that has made excuses for 16 years when the truth is you couldn’t keep your band together because of your ego. Ticket prices when GNR were huge were $30 bucks. Now they’re $100 – $300. Show the fuck up when you say you’re going to. You did this all the time on the Use Your Illusion tour. I know because I was there and waited for you for three hours.

    As for Sebastian “got to get my name in some how” Bach’s defense. Fuck no. Every other singer has to warmed up, but none of them show up late. Bas just wants to cling to GNR because that’s his only meal ticket to the mainstream market. But then again, he “was in Motley Crue”. Yeah, Sebastian, just be happy with what you got. Steven Tyler has a unique voice, but he still shows up on time.

  • scoosdad

    If a singer finds that it takes 45 minutes to warm up the pipes, the singer better show up 45 minutes sooner than they usually would. What a pathetic excuse.

  • DanSwon

    Why anyone would go and see this modern incarnation of GnR is beyond me. Axl Rose is a first-class dickhead.

  • mkhnks

    I saw this modern incarnation. It was a birthday present, it was last Halloween, and it was at the Hard Rock in Vegas… first night of the “residency.” Axl sent the local openers back out to kill another 15 minutes after they awkwardly waited for, and received, their cue to end the set. The lead singer couldn’t have made things worse by announcing that GNR asked them to come out and play another 15 minutes. Lots of audible groans. LOTS.

    It was a decent show. It sounded like GNR, except for the songs Axl couldn’t sing. For some reason he was spot on during certain songs. At other times he really really really struggled. Of yeah, it sounded like GNR, until Axl took a siesta, leaving his scab band to do a cover tune. Every 4th or 5th song Axl would disappear and a different scab would take his turn on lead vocals.

    It was a long show, probably 20 GNR songs, if you count the 3 or 4 he did from Chinese Democracy. There were 25+ songs if you count the cover tune filler.

    It was a nice gift, and it was a memorable Halloween night, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to see Axl’s tribute band again.

    Axl singlehandedly turned what could have been another Rolling Stones into an afterthought. Well played, Willam Bailey. Instead of Steven Tyler you’re Steve Summers.

  • Courtney Hate

    Axl is a douch canoe. Great in the heyday, but to keep people waiting like it’s 1989 and the tickets were 20 bucks is just flat out lame.

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