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Brazil’s Rock In Rio Metal Day Kicks Off & Reviewer says: “Sebastian Bach was an embarassment. Alice in Chains was solid & Metallica ‘owned’ the crowd for 3 hours!”



Rock In Rio Review. Metallica & Alice In Chains delivered, Ghost BC overrated & Sebastian Bach an embarrassment
Review By: Nacho Belgrande


Well…what can I say? You are going to see what I am talking about in a matter of few hours at YouTube and Vevo, but I thought I’d let you guys know what to expect from the first ‘Metal’ day at Rock In Rio this past Thursday.

Almost a dozen acts in two different stages.

The Krisiun/Destruction jam: they delivered, it was more than a fan of any could ask for. Not exactly their ‘crowd’, though.

The Helloween/Gamma Ray jam: read above.

Sebastian Bach: THE WORST FUCKING SHOW OF HIS LIFE. Or at least the worst vocal performance I have seen by him – and that’s saying a lot. If Rachel Bolan watched this, he is LAUGHING HIS PANTS OFF somewhere. What an embarrassment.

Sepultura & Tambours Du Bronx: COMPLETE MAYHEM, their cover for The Prodigy’s ‘Firestarter’ blew my mind, them Seps are always great live.

Alice In Chains: Damn solid set, they are not really made for these gigantic stages, but the singer pulled it off pretty well. Pretty tight performance. The crowd loved them [it's so surreal to think that in 2013 people are jumping cheerfully and singing along to a 'grunge' band in a tropical night]. Full set enjoyment advised.

Ghost BC: Completely overrated pop poseurs, they just did not win the crowd over. They don’t play metal, and this was a ‘Metal night’. Not every Metal fan is stupid enough to buy that satanic/occult act bullshit.

Metallica: They are going to remember this night for a long time. The crowd was completely surrendered to them from the first chords of ‘Hit The Lights’ till the closing with ‘Seek And Destroy’, in almost 3 hours of semi-trancic hardcore fandom. Metallica hasn’t played this hard and sweaty and ballsy very frequently – actually since 1996 – and maybe jaded crowds who are overexposed to them are partially to blame. This is one HD file I reccomend you to download and burn a DVD or play it through your WDTV. Great multi-camera work and stereo sound mix. I’ll try to upscale it onto a Blu-ray with the official soundboard audio they shall put up for sale in a near future.

Review by: Nacho Belgrande


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  • RichardBelcher

    Oh please. $ucktallica is a overrated band, they were good, the keyword is “were”. Ghost BC are awesome, I don’t care what this reviewer says. I don’t care even more when he raves on and about $ucktallica and bashes the great Ghost BC they are metal you idiot, you undermine your position calling Ghost “posers” and raving about $ucktallica. You want to see a poser, go look in the mirror, a poser is somebody who still thinks $ucktallica is still relevant and good.

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