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Nikki Sixx tweets “I always liked the term washed up” in middle of fire storm twitter war with Sebastian Bach


Nikki Sixx bitch slaps Sebastian Bach with ‘read between the lines’ tweets.


Wow. Looks like the Nikki Sixx vs: Sebastian Bach twitter war is into the 3rd round. Or is this the 4th?

For anyone who has not been keeping score here is what happened.

Metal Sludge ran a article 15 days ago on August 30th right HERE. This was us simply grabbing some comments that Sebastian Bach had tweeted to some fan – and Bach claimed that he was in fact  “asked to join Motley Crue” which we screen capped in our article.

Then 9 days later on September 7th the mighty Blabbermouth picked up on our ‘pot stir’ and posted a similar story.

Nikki Sixx finally commented on his radio show Sixx Sense and said this was “absolutely not true” and talked at length about the topic. Sixx stated that he felt the truth needed to be out there by saying “Sebastian Bach was never part of this master plan, that’s for sure. So I want people to know that.”

Now as of September 12th Bach fired back with a long rant on his Facebook & Twitter HERE and said “I am not a liar.”

As of this afternoon Nikki shot out  a few tweets back to back that seem like they could be directed at Sebastian Bach.  See below.


We’ll await the next round. Will it be another Bach reply? A knockout blow from Sixx? Will Tommy Lee fire a round? Stay tuned.

Nikki Sixx @ Twitter
Sebastian Bach @ Twitter

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  • Redd Skye

    I believe Sebastian on this one. Maybe Nikki didn’t really mean it when he asked Sebastian about being the singer, but nonetheless he probably uttered it being high or wasted.

  • GoopSD

    I gotta go with Sebastian. Nikki can be quite the bullshit artist.

  • mkhnks

    Nikki was sober when they kicked Vince out, he claims…. and even if he wasn’t, how could he forget having a daylong audition for a new singer? The idea that Bach would just make up something that significant seems preposterous. I’d like to hear Tommy and Mick answer the question.

  • GG

    Yeah, I agree with the other comments. For Baz to come out with this statement, he must know there are ‘witnesses’ to his audition. Even if Motley close ranks on this, there still has to be others who can back Baz up. Nikki’s shooting his mouth off, yet again. Bummer that these two are at each other like this – they’re both cool rockers.

  • Stephane Brault

    Nikki’s full of shit as usual. Baz can be delusional sometimes but I believe him on this one. The fact that he auditioned for Motley (or not) won’t make him sell more books.

  • Stephane Brault

    Well Baz has already responded to Sixx on his twitter page lol

  • Ken O’Shea

    everyone knows nikki is a chronic liar

  • Aliyah Fabrizio

    Sebastian 100%

  • Scara McNamara

    it was a different Motley Crue from SOUTH hollywood

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