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Dangerous Toys, Every Mother’s Nightmare & VAIN top the fans faves to see @M3 2014 in our latest Metal Sludge Poll.



Well here we go with another Metal Sludge Poll result. This one looks to have had almost 9,000 votes!

But, we smell something fishy.

It looks like some fans have figured out we don’t have a limit on your votes, and anyone can vote as many times as they want.

It seems that VAIN fans have went DIAL MTV crazy on us and voted over and over to make VAIN the clear winner by over 3,000 Votes.

We love VAIN more than you know. But it’s just a little obvious that some of Davy’s followers went ballistic on the vote all day long if you can option. Lol. Either way, it’s all good. But we are going to dock VAIN 3,000 votes. It makes these results a little more realistic.

Also from the start Dangerous Toys was the clear favorite. Then suddenly VAIN had a few thousand more votes than anyone else. With that said, we hope M3 brings ALL of these bands to their amazing festival at some point for the fans.

The way we see this is that Dangerous Toys is the winner of this poll with 1,369 Votes!

EMN with 1,284 & VAIN 1,239 (after we dock them 3,000 votes) as the 2nd and 3rd place bands. Junkyard & WildSide round out the Top 5.

According to our poll it also looks like Nitro, Slik Toxik, Kik Tracee & Roxx Gang are the fans least faves!

Oh well, stay tuned for our M3 poll part #2. We have another grip o’ D-list hairbands to choose from. Then we’re gonna take the top fan faves from both polls and make a M3 finals.

Check out the official results below.


Even though we give this win to Dangerous Toys we are gonna give VAIN the video of the day to view below.

Check out “Beat The Bullet” by VAIN!

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  • mkhnks

    I voted for Kingofthehill. It doesn’t matter, I won’t be at this festival either way, but if I could see any one of the bands on the list in 2014, I’d vote Koth for two reasons: 1. I never got to see ‘em back in the day. 2. I was one of the lucky few who got to see DToys in recent years. There’s an occasional DT show in Austin, but a couple of years ago DT came to Minneapolis as part of a weekend road trip that included Kansas City. That’s it, two cities, two clubs, nothing special, but Minneapolis was one of ‘em, somehow. I was there, taking in my third DT show, and my first in about 15 years. Still a great rockin’ band.

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