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Eddie Trunk hangs with Jake E. Lee and tweets some more fire onto the Sharon Osbourne feud.

Eddie Trunk still appears to be upset at Sharon who he claims won’t let Ozzy on his show.


Eddie Trunk tweets some more fire onto the Sharon Osbourne feud.

It looks like Eddie Trunk is still upset that he can’t seem to score the elusive Ozzy Osbourne interview. He’s made some public statements in recent years that have left a bad taste in Sharon’s mouth and his claim is she won’t allow Ozzy to do his radio or TV show.

Ozzy bassist Blasko also took a few swipes at Trunk back in 2009. In a posting by Metal Sludge right HERE Blasko said “”Was just listening to Eddie Trunk Live on Sirius XM … That dude can go get f—ed! Since when is that douche bag the ambassador of metal?”

Now Trunk was hanging with former Ozzy guitarist Jake E. Lee in Las Vegas this past weekend and made some comments via his Twitter. The ‘certain someone – pathetic’ comment appears to point in the direction of the “Ozzy Camp” – a safe guess, could be Sharon?

Eddie Trunk in Las Vegas with Jake E Lee & Chris Holmes.


Excerpts below about the Eddie/Sharon feud are from Loud Wire March 2012 –

Despite all his credentials, Trunk still doesn’t get the stamp of approval from Sharon Osbourne. According to Trunk, Ozzy’s wife and manager has proved to be an impassable roadblock in getting “The Prince of F—ing Darkness” on his popular program. “She apparently has some issue with me. I don’t know her and have no idea what it is,” Trunk tells Steppin’ Out. “She has not allowed Ozzy on the TV show after all these years.”

The issue became public once Trunk’s show on SiriusXM’s ‘Boneyard’ was moved to another channel after the Osbournes took over — another move that the radio personality doesn’t have an explanation for. “You would have to ask Sharon Osbourne,” says Trunk. “[She] decided my 4 hours of live radio a week was not going to work for her when ‘Boneyard’ became ‘Ozzy’s Boneyard.’ It is bizarre for sure.”

“I have never said anything critical about Ozzy that he didn’t say about himself many times,” continues Trunk. “And even if I did, this is a woman who now has a career on TV judging people and hosting a talk show!?! That’s the greatest hypocrisy of them all! Clearly my show and the music I do is the best fit for ‘Boneyard,’ but as long as Sharon has the deal for the channel, my same exact show just moves to channel 39 on Sirius and XM.”

Trunk can now be heard on the ‘Hair Nation’ channel, which he says isn’t the most ideal pairing. “Honestly I hate the name [Hair Nation] and the stigma attached to it, plus I play so much more than that niche, so SiriusXM suggested I use ‘Trunk Nation’ when I’m on. It is new and classic hard rock and metal, talk, interviews, calls, and music from Stryper to Slayer! What I have always been about.”
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