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Cold Blue Rebels “Love of the Undead” (EP) CD Review By t.Odd



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Artist: Cold Blue Rebels
Record: Love of the Undead EP
Label: Horror High, LLC

1st impression of the Band:

Ok, lets get something straight right now, this band contains friends of mine. Not only friends but former band mates, and as Danny Dangerous just text me “Buddies aren’t actually supposed to support there friends bands”, but that was in response to me telling him that I bought this record, so now I’ll be even MORE judgmental because I paid for it!

The image:

Stand-up bass, gretsch guitar, fangs and bullet holes to the head. What more could you ask for? I will file my first complaint here though, as the singer is Mickey Finn from Jetboy, who had the best Mohawk in rock-n-roll, as stated here, but he doesn’t have it anymore. I guess there were no Mohawks in 50’s zombie doo wop  bands!

The Songs:

Like the proverbial vampire, this record is about deception.  The doo-wop opening of “Love of the Undead” makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, like these guys would be really cool to bring home to the family for thanksgiving. Don’t fall for it! It’s a fucking trick! These are NOT guys you want to bring home to mom! “Blood Sweat and Tears” begins to show their true intentions, but then they go all Sticky Sweet with “Haunted Hollywood”. Don’t fall for it! “Whip me one more time” opens with some slide guitar, and I know for fact that when Joe Normal plays slide guitar its straight up evil. Remember in that great movie where the karate kid had to play guitar against the devil (crossroads?) and the devil was Steve Vai? Well that movie was totally fake, as Joe Normal played both those parts. He’s a fucking VAMPIRE!

“That Girl Is Horror” starts with a sound bite from Twisted Sister’s song “Captain Howdy”. Or maybe it’s a sound bite from a Horror Movie. I don’t give a fuck, Twisted Sister did it first! The breakdown in this song is epic, totally sets you up for something mellow then punches you in the face!

Now that these fucking doo-wop of the undead bastards have lured us in, “Zombie L.A.M.F”  does what they intended to do from the start, rip our fucking faces off and eat or brains! It’s a straight up punk rock song, not some poser bullshit like Total Chaos!


3 songs:

To buy on itunes to take to the grave:  Theres only 6 songs on the EP, buy the all!

In conclusion:

The next song on my Itunes was “Never Surrender” by Corey Hart. Considering that Cold Blue Rebels are all honored veterans of the war of the Sunset Strip, it totally made sense. They never surrendered, you should never surrender, and in the end its all about being  yourself. Whether you’re a zombie or a vampire or just a kid that doesn’t understand the bullshit, never give up, never surrender!

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