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Autograph drummer Keni Richards announces new singer and its Danny Simon of Jailhouse!


                                Danny Simon of Jailhouse joins Autograph as new singer.



Autograph names new front man and its Danny Simon of Jailhouse!

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Los Angeles–  “Turn up the radio”who remembers that song? Well you might be hearing more about it and sooner than later. After all, who doesn’t want to see Autograph. right? They had a few catchy tunes and where in the world have they been for….oh 10 or 15 years? No one seems to know.

Last we heard anything was when we featured Autograph singer/songwriter Steve Plunkett in our Metal Sludge’s Top 10 Worst Heavy Metal Haircuts of All-Time article HERE. But wait, Steve’s NOT in Autograph. At least that is the rumor on the street. Several sources close to the band have pointed towards Jailhouse front man Danny Simonas the new voice of Autograph. Who is Danny Simon is a tricky question as some facebook friends or fans of the band FLOOD will know him as Simon Daniels. He pulled the ole’ switcharoo on his name in the last decade. He’s the same guy and word is, he’s now in Autograph.

Jailhouse has recently appeared on select shows including the 2013 Monsters of Rock Cruise and the band is set to appear at the first ever Skull Fest but now all that momentum has come to halt as Danny is now committing to turn up the radio full time.

Autograph_Danny_Aug_2013_Kenny_Dave.jpg                                Diamond Dave with Keni Richards back in the hey day!


The bands original can slammer and beer can crusher Keni Richardsposted a picture of Simon Daniels on his official Facebook and said:  “Pleasure to have a Famaliy member who stand his ow ground with some talented KATS !! Simon is our new singer.”  Hopefully Keni won’t be writing the band press releases and will stick to hitting drums and smashing beer cans off his head.

Stay tuned to see how much Autograph turn up the radio with their new line up and front man.



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