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’80s Invasion Tour” hits snag at Canadian border, Bang Tango deemed unadmissible to enter country!


"80s Invasion Tour" hits snag at Canadian border, Bang Tango denied entrance!  

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Canada- Same shit different day. As in, another hairband gets denied at the Canadian border. This happened a few years back to the mighty Pretty Boy Floyd, see that story HERE Hold it, we’re not done yet. It also happened recently to the Bulletboys. The band was detained so long that by the time they got cleared to enter the country they missed their show anyway. See that drama HERE.

Now, it’s the always exciting Bang Tango. It appears that lead screamer Joe LeSte and drummer Timmy Russelwere 86’d from the tour bus at the border. This created a issue for Ted Poley as well since the voice of Danger Danger is using the Bang Tango drummer for his set. But never fear, Ted is here.

We found a few posts from Lance Eric (bassist Bang Tango & Ted Poley band) and another from Enuff Z’nuff funny man and frontman Johnny Monaco.

For those keeping score at home Tedis a drummer first. Take a look back HERE at our feature with Mr. Poley from last month. Tedwas signed in the early 80s with another band called Prophet and played the drums before he became lead singer of Danger Danger. So based on these posts below, it looks like Tedplayed drums and sang. Add to this, Ted broke his wrist 4 days into the tour which we reported on right HERE. This tour is kicking ass and taking names for sure. Band members included.




We are sure the bus will pick up Rocky & Bullwinkleon the way back into the US!

The show must go on. Unless someone breaks up, train wrecks or gets arrested.

Stay tuned…

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