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The Howard Stern of Rock n’ Roll Steven Berez of Venrez talks to Metal Sludge






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By Gerry Gittelson

Metal Sludge Editor at Large

HOLLYWOOD — Rising rock star Venrez does not just look like Howard Stern – he wants to be just as famous one day soon even though the Los Angeles singer who fronts the self-named Venrez is doing it all by himself.

No record company but a ton of a desire. That’s a combination that can go a long way in show business – even in rock and roll – especially with a little backing, some pizzazz, and a great band behind you led by guitarist Alex Kane, formerly of Life, Sex & Death.

“The Howard Stern comparisons, I get that just about every day,” Venrez said. “It’s a good thing in a certain respect, but it can be annoying when someone is pounding on my car window yelling Howard.”

The two have never met but at a glance they look like twins.

“It’s a good way to make a lot of new fans, at least the ones who are nice, and maybe Howard Stern will meet one day, but it hasn’t happened yet,” Venrez said. “Maybe it will happen one day.”

If Venrez perhaps sells millions of records, then maybe he the King of All Media will hook up. In the meantime, Venrez is definitely climbing the ladder with the release of his second CD, “American Illusion.”

The band has toured with Slash and Alice Cooper and has produced some very professional-looking videos, and the singer certainly seems like a nice guy, so if there is a good God in this world then perhaps Venrez has a shot.


Venrez played with Slash for the last week of the former Guns N’ Roses star’s most recent tour, stopping in St. Louis, Park City (Utah) and Las Vegas. Previously, Venrez played eight shows with Cooper, the master of theatrical rock. The first one is a Rock n Roll Hall of Famer, and the second is the hall’s most glaring snub, so learning from those two is a good training ground for someone like Venrez.

“With Slash, we hung out for just a bit, especially after the show in Park City, and he treated us well,” Venrez said. “He’s a very nice guy, a total pro, and he’s in great shape. I was amazed at the way the guy brings it in concert. I wish we could have done more shows with him.”

In his former life, Venrez succeeded in business as an antiques and artifacts dealer. The singer is 58 years old – he looks a lot younger – and a late-bloomer to the world of rock and roll, but he is passionate about the group’s combination of 70s rock-meets-grunge can catch on.

“We’re not signed or anything like that. We’re just kind of doing it our own way,” Venrez said. “In today’s world of rock and roll, you can see how difficult it is to be successful, and if people like us, we might have a chance to get somewhere.”

The other members are guitarist Jason Womack, bassist Michael Bradford and drummer Ed Davis. The first release was entitled “Sell The Lie.”


                         Almost twins? Steven Berez is 58 years old & Howard Stern is 59


Venrez has new video for the song “Unforeseen” which you can view HERE.

“It’s my favorite song on the new record,” Venrez said.

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