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Metal Sludge’s Top 10 Heavy Metal Gods & Glam Rockers Who Shaved their Head Bald


Bald brothers Phil Anselmo & guess who? You might be very suprised.



Bald Is Bad Ass – Metal Sludge has compiled another Top 10 list. This is our list of the Top 10 Rock n’ Rollers, Metal dudes & Glam Gods who shaved their heads B-A-L-D!

Some had no choice as they were headed that way anyway. And fast! So they just went and shaved it off before it got ugly. Some seemed to ease into it. Some shaved it, but grew it back again. Or tried to. Some show it off, and some still try and hide it.

We got old dudes and really old dudes. Ugly dudes and really ugly dudes. We got Metal Gods and Glam Dudes. We got singers, drummers and guitarists. We got all types and one thing they ALL had in common? Answer is, they all use to have a full shaggy head of hair.

Ok, enough babble. Check it out.




Vivian Campbell of Def Leppard

# 10 Vivian Campbell of Def Leppard

Vivian Campbell of Def Leppard recently had a cancer scare and went through some treatment. So it’s safe to assume his hair issues were not fully a folicle fight. Regardless, we’ve added Viv here to our Top 10 list of Metal Rockers who went bald. Check out some recent video footage HERE of Viv in Los Angeles. We wish Mr. Campbell a speedy recovery.


                                               Ozzy looking bald and crazy for sure.


# 9 Ozzy Osbourne

It was a while ago, roughly 30 years but for the old skool fans you will recall when Ozzy went Crazy Train and shaved his head. Basically he went Britney on us when Britney was still in diapers! And we’re not talking Britny Fox, we’re talking Britney Spears. Of course now we know where Spears got the idea. No one looked crazier than Britney Spears with a shaved head. Except Ozzy. Of course the living legend still has a full set of lucious locks and can grow that shit back whenever he chooses. Must be all the booze and pot.

We found the following excerpt online from an Ozzy Bio HERE.

Soon after the release of “Speak of the Devil” Ozzy shaves every inch of hair off of his head. A lot of people think it was the rabies shots from the bat incident that made his hair fall out, but this isn’t true at all. I have a video taped interview in which he explains “I was using a lot of gels and oils in my hair, and with those bright stage lights beating down on that all night long, it was making his hair very brittle and damaged. So one day I just shaved it all off!”


Phil old skool, middle school & high school. Emphasis on the high.

# 8 Phil Anselmo of Pantera

A true rebel Phil Anselmo of Pantera was one of the early 90s metal music super stars to make the bald head look hip and cool. Phil like Ozzy has the choice and clearly can grow it back whenever he wants. Again, it must be the pot.

Once a mega hair farmer he chose to shave the sides first, and rocked a sloppy hanging mohawk during the “Cowboys From Hell” era. Over the hey day of Texas’ biggest metal legends he shaved it George the Animal Steel style and even convinced others to join him in the fashion to rock the stage ala Mr. Clean. However in the last decade Phil has went from the Henry Rollins look to Jim Morrison and back again. We rank Phil #8.


Joey Allen of Warrant before & after the razor work.

# 7 Joey Allen of Warrant

Where do the “Down Boys” go is a question many have been asking for years. Who really knows. But one thing we know for sure about where Joey Allen has went – and that answer is he went bald!  But that’s okay. Joey is a stand up guy and can sling the Sludge with the best of ‘em. Looking back at a past Metal Sludge “ReWind” from 2002 Mr. Allen let it all hang out and didn’t hold back. We like a good ole’ boy who can hang with the hellish side of life. Afterall waking up with a bald head, and no option to rock a style, color or cut is a brutal set of cards to be dealt. Hopefully for Joey he doesn’t have a small dick too – that would suck.




                                                           Queen of the Baldness

# 6 Geoff Tate of Queensryche

Being bald is one thing. But being one the most ‘un-liked’ guys in the music industry would suck double. Not saying that is the case with Geoff Tate – but the word has gotten around in recent times that Mr. Tate is a bit of  – well, a taint. But that’s not for us to decide. We’re here to tell you that Geoff Tate is bald. And he don’t have a lot of options with the hair department. Sure, he has some options. Like if he should throw some random fans iphone HERE 50 feet into the crowd mid set. Or to not tell the Rocklahoma audience they suck HERE. These are options that Geoff had. But, that bald head – there is no option. Maybe some horseshoe style Grandpa fuzz around the sides but that’s about it.

Good thing Geoff can still sing and he never was Bon Jovi in the pin up department so it’s all good. Either way, Tate is #6.




           Jim Gillette of Nitro from Mr. Scream to Mr. Clean


# 5 Jim Gillette of Nitro

Mr. Gillette has always been a bit of an extreme guy. So it’s not a suprise he went from having more hair than all of Poison combined to the slick bald scalp he sports today. Jim like Ozzy & Anselmo still is lucky to have the choice to grow it out or not. It appears he likes to shave it. Gillette has showed off with a foot high mohawk in recent years and also displayed a Tito Ortiz type bleach blond flat top. Recent pics of the worlds most infamous screamer above show Jim looking more like Mr. Clean than Mr. Scream. Shaving that head clean is simple as 1, 2, 3. But it’s safe to say those tattoos are not going anywhere.

Wanna hear Jim scream? Ok, click HERE but be warned! If his sceam doesn’t destroy your ear drums his unit might compromise your eye sight! You’ve been warned. Gillette is #5.


Devin Townsend before & after. The top was not an option!


# 4 Devin Townsend of Strapping Young Lad

Devin Townsend is not a regular Metal Sludge name you may be familiar with. But let us tell you he is an awesome performer. Frontman extraordinare for sure is what Townsend is. Go see him live and tell him we sent ya.

Now onto his hair. The pictures above speak volumes. Is that the most epic skullet ever known to man? We say yes. Sadly Devin pulled a bitch move and shaved off that Halloween costume of a head he use to rock. Fuck. That looks like a high end war helmet from some Brad Pitt movie for sure. Why he would remove that is still trying to be understood. That look would make Predator leave the jungle for good. That skull is just on the edge of the podium but Devin only makes #4 for his debut showing on Metal Sludge. Better luck next time champ.

Anyone who can introduce themselves to 100,000 fans like Devin does right HERE is accepted into the Metal Sludge family with open arms



Tommy Lee of Motley Crue

# 3 Tommy Lee of Motley Crue

We found a bad ass video clip of Phil Anselmo acting as Tommy Lee’s official barber. Tommy went from a bitch ass Scott Stapp style shag to a true Cowboy From Hell as the road crew looked on. Tommy seemed to be a little chicken shit at first. But Phil owned him and turned the drum stick twirlin’ horse hung 80s hunk into a Henry Rollins meets Folsom Prison inmate looker in just minutes. Check the video HERE and enjoy.


Bret shaved his head for “A Letter From Death Row” in 1998

# 2 Bret Michaels of Poison

Is “A Letter From Death Row” possibly the worst movie ever made? If not, it’s the second worst. They should have filmed Sharknado 5 before this thing ever got put to tape. But oh well. One thing this clip gave everyone was a look at what’s underneath that damn head band. Nothing. At least that’s what was under it after Bret shaved his skull bald to the bone back in 1998 for a jail scene in this epic movie.

Check this pile of worthless edits out right HERE if you dare to sit though it.



Rob Halford is the Metal God, and clearly owns baldness above all!

# 1 Rob Halford of Judas Priest

The true Metal God is at the top of our list. Rob Halford made bald look bad ass first and for that – he is our #1. The photo above is proof.

Rob was to the party early with his baldness and not totally by choice. Rob seemed to have been thinning up stairs as early as the “Hot Rockin” video. But regardless of having a full mane of hair – the Metal God had a full set of pipes for sure and continues to be a great singer and frontman to this day.

The Judas Priest frontman is easily one of the top Metal voices of All Time and adding him to this list as another # 1 is just icing on the cake. We salute Rob and with that, crank up some Judas Priest.

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