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Watch out Tommy Lee & Rikki Rockett! Is your job safe? Stick twirlin’ Granny drummer is here!


                                               Mary Rockett or Granny Lee?

Watch out Tommy Lee & Rikki Rockett! The stick twirlin’ Granny drummer is here

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Drummer —  Attention drummers. You have competition so you better get your chops down. This includes fills, solos and stick twirling. We came across this amazing clip of a rock drummer who appears to be – oh, about 70 or 75 years old. And Mary rocks! Yes, it’s a rockin’ Granny.

Attention Tommy Lee – it’s official you are on notice. And Vikki Foxx – eat your heart out.

Check out some stills and then watch Granny throw down with some Neil Peart chops.


Mary can play & twirl with the left hand!


Mary keeps time, then twirls the right stick!


Mary keeps ripping fills & throws dual stick twirlin’ in between!

The staff at Coalition Drum Shop in La Crosse, Wis., knows her as "Mary."

According to WKBT in La Crosse, store manager Dustin Hackworth says the "grandma drummer" arrives every two months or so, sits down at a kit and starts wailing away.

"Every time she comes in, we think, ‘Man, we should video tape this’ and we finally did," Hackworth told the station.

Thursday night, the shop posted a clip on YouTube. Next thing you know, it had been viewed 100,000 or so times.

A key question remains unanswered: Who is she? WKBT is hoping to hear from someone who knows.

We kind of like the mystery, though.

Check the video & article link right HERE.

Watch a local Wisconsin news clip HERE and check out the  double bass at the very end.

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