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Jack Russell’s Great White set out on back breaker US tour totalling 24k miles & it’s not done yet.


Jack Russell’s Great White tour routing summer 2013

Jack Russell’s Great White head out on back breaking summer tour 36 Shows 24,000 Miles

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Jiffy Lube — Have you ever dreamed of going on tour with a rock band? Really? Are you sure? Have you thought to yourself "Man it would be great! I wonder what its like?"

Well…..here are a few quick answers.

Is it glamorous? Sure, sometimes. Fun? Tons of it. Crazy? Yup.

But, it’s also brutal. Ass kicking and mind boggling at times. Beyond your wildest dreams.

Is it all good? Nope. Is there some really bad sides to it? Absofuckinglutely!

The main thing most hate – the travel. The drives especially.

Check out the plans for Jack Russell’s Great White summer tour.

Looks like there will be many 8-10 and 14 hour drives – every day, day after day – week after week.

The band welcome Tony Montana back to the Great White ship for the summer tour that starts today at the world famous "Whisky-A-Go-Go" in West Hollywood California. The last date on this calendar (so far) is in November in Agoura Hills California. Their recent press release notes "more dates to be added" and this run already has 36 shows booked.

How much mileage is that?

We did a little work with map quest. See below and follow the colored arrows for a mind boggling tour run of 36 shows totalling 24,186 road miles. And there are some pretty nice holes to add several more dates. Maybe a dozen or more. As of now, the average mileage between shows is 671 miles. Let’s add 12 more plays @ 671 miles = 8,061 more miles. Plus the original 24,186 = 32,247 miles.

You know how far that is?

Drive from LA to NY. Back and fourth 10 times. Yes. 10 times. Or, just drive around the earth once and you’ve only got 7,346 more miles to go.

We’re sure a few of these are fly dates, but for the most part not. Looks like the freeways of North America will be seeing a lot of Great White so look for them at your local truck stop buying coffee and red bull by the case!

The colored number after each show is the amount of mileage they have to drive to the next show. Example, from the "Whisky" in Los Angeles to the Las Vegas show is 270 miles. Note the red arround from LA to LV on the map. Each colored mileage number is the color of the arrow to the next city.



07/19/13          LOS ANGELES, CA                    WHISKY A GO-GO   270 Miles

07/20/13          LAS VEGAS, NV                        VEGAS COUNTRY SALOON 549 Miles

07/21/13          JEROME, ID                           DIAMONDZ BAR & GRILL   1,121 Miles

07/23/13          FARGO, ND                               THE WINDBREAK  292 Miles

07/24/13          DICKINSON, ND                 ARMY’S WEST SPORTS BAR
  451 Miles

07/26/13          ROYALTON, MN                        HALFWAY JAM FESTIVAL 102 Miles

07/27/13          SAVAGE, MN                             NEISEN’S SPORTS BAR    363 Miles

07/28/13          THUNDER BAY, ON                    CROCKS  1,129 Miles

07/31/13          OKLAHOMA CITY, OK               CHAMELEON ROOM   499 Miles

08/02/13          ST. LOUIS, MO                            FUBAR 748 Miles

08/04/13          ETOBICOKE, ON                         THE ROCK PILE  1,446 Miles

08/08/13          STURGIS, SD                                GLENCOE CAMP RESORT 0 Miles

08/09/13          STURGIS, SD                                EASYRIDER’S SALOON   773 Miles

08/10/13          HAZEL GREEN, WI                      SANDY HOOK TAVERN  899 Miles

08/13/13          ALLENTOWN, PA                        CROCODILE ROCK  262 Miles

08/15/13          CLARION, PA                             WASTELAND LIVE  273 Miles

08/16/13          WHITE MARSH, MD                    HOUSE OF ROCK  58 Miles

08/17/13          LANCASTER, PA                         VILLAGE NIGHTCLUB   244 Miles

08/19/13          WARREN, PA                              HOLIDAY INN   244 Miles

08/20/13          LUZERENE, PA                             BREWS BROS WEST  887 Miles

08/22/13          APPLETON, WI                            LUNA LOUNGE  174 Miles

08/23/13          VIROQUA, WI                             VERNON  FAIRGROUNDS   189 Miles

08/24/13         MUSCATINE, IA                          ELMS SUPPER CLUB
  653 Miles

08/27/13          LITTLE ROCK, AR              REVOLUTION MUSIC ROOM 
611 Miles

08/29/13          SAN ANTONIO, TX                      BOOZEHOUNDS 292 Miles

08/30/13          DALLAS, TX                                  THE BOILER ROOM  239 Miles

08/31/13          HOUSTON, TX                              CONCERT PUB NORTH  1,180 Miles

09/02/13          MILWAUKEE, WI                          MILWAUKEE HARLEY 1.240 Miles

09/07/13          CLOVIS, NM                               CURRY EVENTS CENTER  314 Miles

09/08/13          EL PASO, TX                                POP’S CANTINA  1,598 Miles

09/14/13          VERSAILLES, OH                        BMI INDOOR SPEEDWAY 2,201 Miles

09/20/13          SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CA    THE COACH HOUSE 39 Miles

09/21/13          CORONA, CA                            MARQUEE 15  2,233 Miles

09/28/13          MACON, GA                              COX CAPITOL THEATRE 1,307 Miles

10/18/13          NORTH PLATTE, NE                    SKULL FEST 1,306 Miles

11/29/13         AGOURA HILLS, CA                   THE CANYON

Hope they got a Jiffy Lube card with them on this one cause they’re gonna need an oil change, or five for sure. And maybe a set of tires too!

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