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KISS fan Vancouver review: “Paul and his singing sounded fine. Truth be told I was intoxicated.”


                           Gene Simmons bigger than life live in Vancouver Canada


My Lame Review of KISS in Vancouver

So I arrived and for whatever reason they took a while opening the doors into the arena. This meant a bunch of fans were just waiting inside the arena for the doors to open.

I wandered around quite a bit and upon my observation of the fans I realised it was quite a diverse group. Way more so than Van Halen and Journey who I saw at the same venue recently.

Old school KISS fans. Jocks. Parents dragging their kids to the show. Parents so old that they are bringing their 20 year old daughters who are kind of hot. Geeks, weirdos, bikers, homeless people, people dressed as KISS etc etc. Most people were wearing KISS T-shirts but I also saw people wearing AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Metallica, and Megadeth T-shirts. I even saw someone wearing a Poison T-shirt!

And yes there were way more ‘hot girls’ at this concert than a Rush concert. Also, way more than at a Van Halen concert where all the fans seemed to be in the age group of 35 to 55.

So I got to my seat and the opening band got things going. i wasn’t too bothered if I saw them or not, but they were pretty decent. Got the crowd going quite a bit but nothing special in regards to me running out and buying a bunch of their CDS.

KISS hit the stage and they were on. People have been mentioning Paul and his singing. To me he sounded fine. Although truth be told I was intoxicated. That brings me to another point. Holy fuck are drinks expensive there! I had 5 beers before I went but that wasn’t enough.

Anyways it was a great show. If you want to know the set list check Wolf’s thread. It is the same. I think. Attendance was down from last time I saw them In Vancouver. The whole upper tier was closed off. Next time they might be playing at Pacific Centre! I estimate 8000/9000 people there. Last time I think it was 12,000. Alas, if only Moggio was here. Only kidding!

Also, Sophie Simmons walked right past me! She’s hot but being a KISS fan I stand no chance. A rapist probably has a better chance!

The end.


1. Psycho Circus

2. Shout It Out Loud

3. Let Me Go, Rock ‘N’ Roll

4. I Love It Loud

5. Hell or Hallelujah

6. War Machine

7. Heaven’s on Fire

8. Deuce

9. Say Yeah

10. Shock Me/Outta This World

11. God of Thunder

12. Lick It Up

13. Love Gun

14. Rock and Roll All Nite


15. Detroit Rock City

16. I Was Made for Lovin’ You

17. Black Diamond

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