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Van Halen kicks off Japanese tour with 27 song/solo show in Nagoya!


                             Wolfie & Eddie Van Halen tune up pre-show in Nagoya Japan

Van Halen kicks off Japanese tour with 27 song/solo debut show in Nagoya!

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Japan — Today (June 18th) Van Halen kicked off their Japan 2013 tour at the Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium in Nagoya, Japan! (Showtime was 7PM in Japan, which was 3AM Pacific time)

This morning, Wolf tweeted, “Show day in Nagoya”, followed by ”We’re almost ready for ya, Nagoya. Just gotta tune up real quick… ” with the goofy photo above.

As far as the setlist, there were no huge surprises, but we are impressed that they beefed it up to a whopping 27 songs (including the drum and guitar solos) and that they added “Atomic Punk“, “Jamie’s Cryin’“and the must-have “Mean Street.” Also included were “Hear About It Later” and “The Trouble With Never”, which were not usually played last year. Of course, we would have loved it if they included alternate songs from A Different Kind Of Truth (check out our fan poll for the fan’s favorite songs from the new album…many of which haven’t been played), as well as alternate deep tracks like “Light Up The Sky” or “Drop Dead Legs”, both of which they soundchecked during last year’s North American tour. But we’re sure the fans in Japan were quite satisfied, as the show clocked in at two hours, twenty mintes(!), which is possibly the longest show the band has ever performed!

As an added bonus, Nagoya got treated to a viewing of Roth’s short film, “Tokyo Story” as the lead-in to “Ice Cream Man” instead of the ”Dog World” video.




1. Unchained

2. Runnin’ With The Devil

3. She’s The Woman

4. Romeo Delight

5. Tattoo

6. Everybody Wants Some!!

7. Somebody Get Me A Doctor

8. China Town

9. Jamie’s Cryin’

10. Hear About It Later

11. Pretty Woman

12. Drum Solo

13. You Really Got Me

14. The Trouble With Never

15. Dance The Night Away

16. I’ll Wait

17. And The Cradle Will Rock…

18. Hot For Teacher

19. Women In Love…

20. Atomic Punk

21. Mean Street

22. Beautiful Girls

* Dave’s Short Film “Tokyo Story”

23. Ice Cream Man

24. Panama

25. Guitar Solo

26. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love

27. Jump

Up next for Van Halen:

June 21 – Tokyo, Japan, Tokyo Dome

June 24 – Osaka, Japan, City Central Gymnasium

June 26 – Osaka, Japan, City Central Gymnasium

July 20 – Oshkosh, Wis., Ford Festival Park (Rock USA)

July 24 – Paso Robles, Calif., Grandstand @ California Mid-State Fair


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