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Sebastian Bach says his girlfriend saved his life & he’s 90 days sober!


"I Am 90 Days Sober" says Bach!

Sebastian Bach says his girlfriend saved his life & he’s 90 days sober!

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Twitter — From the wonderful world of Twitter we bring you a life saving tweet from former Skid Row lead screamer Sebastian Bach. The singer says his on and off again girlfriend (but in recent months a steady) Minnie Gupta has saved his life.

Baz boasts of being 90 days sober. Check out his tweet below from his offiicial twitter. found HERE


Bach has admitted to having a life long battle with the bottle. Back in 2006 he stated the following when being confronted with his alcohol abuse head on by Ted Nugent and the members of his Vh1 Super Group (Damnocracy):

"The truth of the matter is, between the ages of 15 and 37… I cannot think of more than five days or a week that I did not drink alcohol," Sebastian confessed. "That’s just the way that I’ve lived since the mid-eighties, (with) all my bands, and my family, and being Canadian. Where I grew up, there were three things: hockey, beer and Rush. That’s pretty much it. I didn’t know one person when I was fifteen …that did not drink beer."  Bach said he would get drunk almost every day on a regular basis, often starting his drinking as early as 3:30 p.m., and would hide from his sons (now 18 and 12) so they would not see him hammered. "I was drinking too much," he admitted.

"One of the episodes is Ted doing a mini-intervention on my ass," Sebastian confessed. "It’s extremely emotional, this episode. Lots of tears. Not an easy thing to do. And Ted’s not Mr. Nice Guy about it. I don’t want to give too much away, but a little tough love happening."

Since the intervention, at the time of the interview, Sebastian had not had a drink in three weeks and counting. The life change has affected him in greater ways than he ever could have imagined: he said that being sober now allows him to look and feel much better, and also to spend more quality time with his children.

"Instead of getting hammered as part of my daily thing, I can go to coffee shops at seven o’clock at night with my son and spend time with him and not be a loud, sweaty, slobbering drunk," he said.

In an effort to express his commitment to sobriety to his fans in particular, Sebastian reasoned that going public with his decision would help him keep his promise to stay clean.

"I couldn’t talk about this in the press until today," Bach said. "I was waiting for months to go on my website and say it. But the more people I tell, wow… I can’t go back now. If I tell the fans I’m sober through you, there’s no way I can get fuckin’ drunk now. I’m in for life."


The above quote and article are found HERE on Metal Sludge.

Fast forward a half dozen years, in August of 2012 Bach fired guitarist Nick Sterling over claims of an ‘alcohol abuse problem’ brewing. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black?  Bach stated the following in regards to the firing of the then 22 year old Sterling.

"There is to be no drinking alcohol of any kind, before any concert." Bach’s rule #1 for being in his band. "He (Nick) would be drinking at sound check, drinking during the day, drinking here, and I would say ‘Dude, it’s not allowed in my band.’ And he would get mad at me."The ex. Skid Row frontman likes to call the shots in his solo band. Unlike his previous employers, Rachel Bolan, Scotti Hill and Dave "Snake" Sabo fired Bach back in 1996. Insiders and people close to the band have noted several reasons, including select ‘abuse’ of chemicals over the years being one of them.  "If someone is not happy in my band, I will be the first one to show them the door, and say – don’t let it hit you, in the ass on the way out! If you’re not happy, and you’re not part of the team, and you’re not interested in being successful, or being professional, than get out of my band!"

In March of this year Bach told Classic Rock the following:

"Minnie is a very smart girl. She’s given me the ultimatum in the last two years — either put down the booze or put down her. So, I’m about 60 days sober now, for the first time since I was maybe 12. I have to give all the credit to her; in many ways, she has saved my life. I’m 44 years old and I’ve been partying for decades. There’s so many people that die from this lifestyle, or they lose their looks, their careers, their talent. I need to realize I’m not 18 years old, even though I still feel like it."

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