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Rapid Fire featuring Axl Rose played “Gazzarri’s” 30 years ago today, read their story.


Kevin Lawrence & Axl Rose in Rapid Fire @ "Gazzarri’s" in 1983

The story of Rapid Fire, Axl Rose’s first band in 1983

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1983 — Where was Axl Rose 30 years ago today? Answer is simple. He was playing at "Gazzarris" with Rapid Fire. That was the 3rd of three gigs the band did at the infamous Sunset Strip club that also launched Van Halen, The Doors & Warrant among others. That 3rd gig happened on May 28th 1983.

All this happened before there was Guns N’ Roses or even Hollywood Rose. Long before the guns or the roses, there was fire! Rapid Fire. And Axl sounds like Axl. His voice is dirty, raw and full of range even in these earliest recordings.

Metal Sludge was first to bring you photos and information on Rapid Fire way back in our early days as well. We were first to show you Axl in our exposed section HERE. In time more leaked on these early day recordings of Axl but it seemed that all went quiet for several years. Not sure if it was legal stuff, or other – but Rapid Fire is back.

You can now find a 35 page history HERE of Rapid Fire at their official site. It covers a lot and you can imagine a lot of that content includes the early years of Axl Rose himself. We grabbed a quick little clip and posted it below. Check it out, and for a long read – go check out the bands site.


Rapid Fire @ WebSite   – YouTube

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