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Brand New Machine release debut video “Girls Like You”


Brand New Machine

Brand New Machine debut video for "Girls Like You"

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From: Rock Confidential

Hard rock powerhouse Brand New Machine will release their new album The Devil Made Me Do It July 23.

The Devil Made Me Do It was recorded at Validus Recording Studios in Los Angeles, CA under the watchful eye of producer/mixer Ryan Greene (Alice Cooper, Cheap Trick).

“The album ended up being everything we set out to create. It’s just raw rock ‘n’ roll riffs with soaring anthem hooks and melodies,” said Brand New Machine bassist Wiley Oliver. “Everyone in the band has a diverse background which helped us create a unique sound in a familiar genre. If you are a rock ‘n’ roll fan at heart you will hear, feel, and identify with this album immediately.”

Brand New Machine recently returned from touring overseas supporting Guns N’ Roses on select dates and will be touring this summer. The band is currently riding high off the success of their current single “Girls Like You.”

We caught up with the guys to talk about the new record, life on the road, and the WORLD PREMIERE video of “Girls Like You”!

Tell me a little about the band and how it’s progressed this past year.

Brand New Machine is living life ‘full throttle’. No regrets, no apologies. We do what we love. We don’t force or worry about what we do. It comes out naturally. This past year we inked a deal with Epochal Artists Records and tracked our debut. The album definitely has a voice that sets it apart from everything else. That voice came without any contrived planning or compromise; it’s simply who we are. This music is a lifestyle and we wear it like a badge.

Who are some of the band’s influences?

All the true rock icons who have stood their ground and the test of time in this industry. A lot of rock albums today all sound the same, it’s hard to distinguish one artist from the next. So many bands come and go chasing trends, but we’ve never jumped on any bandwagons.

Do you remember a specific artist or album that made you want to get into music?

The legends…AC/DC, Aerosmith, and KISS to name a few. I don’t think we could honestly count how many of their CDs we melted down by listening to them over and over and over again. They all helped lay the tracks from an early age for this insane roller coaster we’re riding.

Who are some bands you’ve shared the stage with?

There are quite a few. Most recently we were out with Guns N’ Roses. Sharing the stage with them was an honor. Going up there with the fans waiting for some of the biggest rock hits of all time really made us work hard to win the crowd over! By the end of our set each night we had a sea of voices singing along to our music. Everyone in this band is a performer, we all love the spotlight.

Any memorable stories you wanna share from life on the road?

Too many! From jumping trains in London and stumbling through the Camden Lock, being appointed Ambassadors of Rock ‘n’ Roll in Bahrain – Saudi Arabia, to scuffling with airport security in New Delhi, India there is never a dull moment on the road.

Explain your songwriting process – do you start with lyrics, music or a combination of both?

There isn’t a formula and it can’t be achieved individually. Each member has their own unique style and always puts their creative stamp on every idea that gets brought to the table. When those elements come together it creates that unmistakable sound that makes us a “band”.

The Devil Made Me Do It will be out this summer. What was it like recording in Los Angeles with producer Ryan Greene?

Ryan is very detail oriented which gave us the chance to turn our songs inside out and examine all the pieces. He really got behind the direction of the album and it was

great to work with someone who invested so much of himself into the project to help craft the vision without changing it.

Tell me about the “Girls Like You” video shoot. It didn’t exactly look like you were having a terrible time!

Girls, guitars, fast cars, and Rock ‘n’ Roll…ya, it was torture! At the time we had cameras following us around from the recording studio, to our rehearsals, and on tour so it was really more just capturing a “Day in the Life” of Brand New Machine.

What’s next for Brand New Machine?

Our new album The Devil Made Me Do It drops July 23rd so we’ll be back out on tour in support of the release. Check out: http://www.brandnewmachine.net for news, updates, and tour dates we’ll be releasing soon!

Thanks for letting Rock Confidential be a part of your video premiere for “Girls Like You” – what would you like to say to your fans and everyone who catches the new video?

You guys are amazing, thank you for all your support! Pass the video link on to your friends, pick up our new single, grab a copy of the album as soon as it hits the shelves, and buckle up bitches! Like the song says, “Take a ride with me, in my Brand New Machine”…and it’s gonna be one hell of a trip!

Brantley, Michael, Wiley & Kenny



Watch "Girls Like You" right HERE

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