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Sammy Serious of The Zeros is lawyered up, wants money from Howard Stern for use of theme song!


"Howard would play the song but always try to bury the band." Sammy Serious

Sammy Serious of The Zeros is lawyered up & wants money from Howard Stern for use of theme song over 25 years!

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— Where would we be without Facebook? Reading news papers, lame magazines or waiting for a band newsletter to hit our mail box. So with that said, from the wonderful world wide web – we bring you the purple people world leader Sammy Serious.

How serious is Sammy? So serious that he hired a lawyer to track down song royalties from the Howard Stern show. That’s right folks. Sammy means business.

We’ll let Sammy take it from here. Enjoy the following which we found on…you guessed it…Facebook.



The Zeroes with Howard Stern


Sammy Serious wrote and recorded The Howard Stern theme song with The Zeros. Howard never paid us for the song after he broke our contract by playing the theme song without ever paying us for the
…25 years he played and exploited the song (Not Our Band) and really ignored our band on every level and strung The Zeros Along promising us promises that he would never keep and would keep us away from suing him for damages.

So now I, Sammy Serious start asking for money from Howard and also Howards people for payment for the 25 years that Howard played the song.

Howard’s people started making up all kinds of excuses, and I get a lawyer and then Howard tells my lawyer that they never played the theme song in a long time except for a chosen few times and start to get on this statute of limitations thing so this way Howard does not have to pay or have any obligation to pay for the song he used for the 25 years he played it. but even with there claim of statute of limitations they still played the song even if it is a couple of times so that really does count that Howard did play the theme song in the last 3 years so you get the idea.

Howard would play the song but always try to bury the band. He actually had Elton John and other rock and roll stars write him theme songs while he was playing our song on his show. Why? I don’t know but it looks like I guess he was trying to bury the band from getting exposure to kick start something to happen for the Zeros.

The Zeros not being as big as Elton John at the time, Elton is still Elton, So Elton and other rock stars are writing Howard theme songs but Howard comes back to playing our theme song all the time. Now its 2013 and he is still searching for a theme song and now has a contest for people to write him a theme song and gives the dude who won the contest 5000.00 (Five Grand) for writing him the song after he used our song all that time and still trying to ruin anything for The Zeros After all this time.

Howard Stern is still trying to bury our band and won’t pay us any money for this song. If you listen to the interview of his show of the theme song contest, Howard does not even bring up the fact that he even had a theme song in the first place. A
nd Howard is now gonna be on Americas Got Talent Judge to tell people how great they are and he is going to give his valuable opinion on peoples talent and make believe he is going to help them out only because he doesn’t have to pay for it right? The show does. So what does he care what he says.


I called Howard’s show one day and they actually put me through to him on the air, and Howard starts whining saying I won’t let him play the song. This is when Gary also gets on the phone on the air with Howard and Gary (baba booey) starts to tell me on the on the air to give Howard the song with no strings attached and they make it sound like a shtick so I play along with them and now they are using this against me to still not pay for the song for the 25 years they played it. Howard has a talent for putting people on the air and make everything sound like a joke but really uses it as a excuse to hold you to what you say on the air, which is bullshit to put someone on the air so Howard can play someone against his audience for his benefit.

I said to myself that Howard having this contest for someone to write him a new theme song is probably the best thing to ever happen to me or the Zeros, just to get as far away from this guy Stern who is a total Wanna be Rock Star/comic stuck in some DJ body who really just spins records even ours right? but only when its about him lol

Just for Howard to have a contest and have people writing a new theme song for him just shows me Howard stern really does care to go out of your way to still try and hold back and hurt one of the greatest bands of all time THE ZEROS and also to spite yourself and not have the theme song that will never be beaten no matter how many contests you have.

Howard You flatter me with your stupid way of doing things.

Cause now I know its more important to you to shut out something great like your theme song I wrote just to try and show me that your a powerful dude and going to hurt the Zeros. NOT.

You can try to hold back Sammy Serious but you will never be Sammy Serious and that’s really your problem with this whole thing Mr Americas got talent wanna be Rock Star/comic stuck in some DJ body.

Howard I don’t care what you say but you still look like my BUBBY bro even if you don’t use our theme song for your show.

Sammy Serious of The Zeros

Anyone got any purple drank?

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