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Enuff Z’Nuff on the ropes. Was Chip Z’Nuff fired? Donnie Vie says yes he was.


Enuff Z’Nuff doing the Chris Holmes scene from Decline of Western Civilization



Enuff Z’Nuff on the ropes. Was Chip Z’Nuff fired? Donnie Vie says so 

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Rumorville — They always say, where there is smoke – there is fire. And the smoke is currently coming from the Enuff Z’Nuff camp. The smoke says, "Chip Z’Nuff was fired" and the other smoke says "Donnie Vie quit" and yet a different smoke cloud said "There is a issue between Donnie and the band."

Then of course there is this below from Donnie Vie himself.  This from his official Facebook, so of course it must be true. Right? Lol.

Who knows how long this will last. From our recollection, these guys are right up there wirh L.A. Guns on the coming and going with band members stuff.

Donnie Vie

about an hour ago—

TMZ NEWS FLASH, BASSIST CHIP ZNUFF FROM THE ROCK BAND ENUFF ZNUFF, HAS BEEN FIRED FROM THE BAND INDEFINATELY FOLLOWING THEIR SUCCESSFUL UK TOUR" sorry brothers and sisters, the bullshit,,,i mean the dream is over. and to the UK, you rock my world and every night with you has been a dream come true. I love you fucking tea bags. and your food has improved. get ready for july, cuz Im coming back with just a guitar and piano, and Im gonna give ya a nice long evening of all the stuff you never got to hear,and will be featuring a different album each night along with requests and lots of singing together. so keep an eye out for the dates. cheers mates,I hope i delivered for ya

Donnie Vie Wrote:

"I have no further comments on this. I love chip,I spent most of my life and most memorable moments with him. we have different goals,and i wish and hope for him the best in the world"

No further comments means there will be many more. We’ll keep ya posted.

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