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Great White Court Documents – The Jack Russell Letters



A source close to the band Great White contacted www.classicrockrevisited.com with actual court documents and emails in the latest motion, filed by the band Great White against ex-singer for the band Jack Russell.

The court papers reveal what the band has had to endure from Russell’s substance abuse, and his tendency to say one thing and do another. Case in point, emails filed with court show that on July 3, 2011, Jack Russell wrote to band manager Obi Steinman and said “I said I would never take out Jack Russell’s Great White that is something I would never do no matter what happens.” Apparently things changed since that time, since in 2012, Russell began touring at “Jack Russell’s Great White” and is now “Great White Featuring Jack Russell.”

That papers show that even as far back as 2007, when the classic lineup reunited, Russell said nobody could leave the band and take the name. Russell wrote “No one member can use the Great White name. If I or any member is to leave the band quit or is fired or do any solo shows for extra cash they can’t use the logo or Jack Russell’s Great White as an example.”

The documents show emails between Russell and band manager Obi Steinman that detail Russell’s substance abuse and state of mind. The court papers also show how Russell lip-synched performances, and needed a colostomy bag after his surgery that was required after he took a fall.

Issues of the Trademark are detailed as well as Mark Kendall’s wife learned Jack was allegedly going to steal the name while Jack was at home living with his mother and Mrs.. Kendall was taking care of his mother. This however, is just the tip of the iceberg.

According to the papers, Russell tried to call Steinman several times on December 9 and didn’t get an answer. He then wrote a long letter detailing the conditions of his return, including “1. No booze. 2. No cigarettes. 3. No Prednisone. 4. Pain medications prescribed by a physician at the correct doses…”

On December 11, Russell wrote a scathing email to the whole band. He told Kendall “you are not the guitar player you think you are” and called him a “miserable excuse for a human being.” He told drummer Audie Desbrow “you have been riding my coattails to long and I am happy to be rid of you. Keep practicing maybe one day you will be mediocre.” To Michael Lardie he wrote “I am sure you will have a long and illustrious career as the leader of Great White, the cover version.

All of this and more are detailed in the court papers in three parts. Part 1: The Introduction, where Great White lay out their claims; Part 2: The Declaration of Obi Steinman; Part 3: The Declaration of Mark Kendall and Park 4: The Jack Russell Letters .


Part 1: The Introduction

Part 2: The Declaration of Obi Steinman

Part 3: The Declaration of Mark Kendall

Park 4: The Jack Russell Letters


Sent:7/3/20119:44:58 P.M.Pacific Daylight Time

Subj: RE: (no subject)


I was reading your e-mail again and I think there was one thing you misunderstood.’ I said 1 would never take out Jack Russell’s Great White,that is something I would never do no matter what happens.• Regardless of what the band thinks of me Ilove them all and have hurt them enough,it is time for me to stop the hurting and it starts with myself. As I said before Iwlll be back on stage because that is the reason God put me here. I hope that clears that up.

All my love, JR

Date:Sun, 3 Jul 201119:16:21-0400

Subject; Re: {no subject)


Thank you for the email.

I appreciate your wanting to clarify.

Some of this will hurt but my heart i sin the right place. First off, nothing between us concerns the other IWVS.

l have no concern over Audie, Mark or Scott.

They have not canceled shows. Missed rehearsal, or hurt the branding of Great White. I am only concerned with matters that hurt Great White. That hurt the brand.

Your sobriety is your business. I do not discuss it with the guys.

Again they do not want to hear it from you or L They only want to see it.

There is no double standard.If those guys affected the bands performance or hindered the band from earning a living, then they would be held to a higher standard too.

The fact is simple. Your drug use and your inability to be honest or take responsibility for your actions is why we are here is this position to begin with.

Since 2006,the only shows canceled were due to your inability to perform. Since I have been manager Mark has never canceled a show or been the reason for a canceled show.

An addict never takes responsibility for his actions. They always want people to see them as a victim. They want everything to be ok and for everyone to tell them that its not their fault and everything will be fine. However in the real world that is not true. The reality is your drug use and the lies associated

with that behavior has caused this. You will lie and cheat everyone who loves or cares about you in order to get hi or score your next drug.

I know who you are Jack and that you have a great heart. That you are insecure and do not wake up everyday trying to hurt or cheat people. The reality is, I do not trust you anymore. You have broken…

talking to you and having our relationship. However I know you cant have a real relationship with anyone until your sober and address the situations that make you hurt yourself.

Now for the record. I do love you and care about you. I want the best for you. I do not think you will ever get the monkey off your back and be able to what you love the most. Singing on stage. To be the ROCK STAR you are. You wont ever work that hard on sobriety or counseling. To really work at the root of the evil that causes you to drink or due drugs.

Love, Family, friends or singing are not enough for you to feel good about yourself. To appreciate what god has given you. You are so blessed with such an amazing talent. You have an amazing wife that would die for you. Friends, family members that love you.

I pray everyday that you will find peace. Some sort of Happiness. Something that will allow you to start singing again. Start fishing again. Start living again.

Who cares about slip ups. These things happen. To everyone.

The best thing you can do is stop, realize you did slip and start being sober again.

Now about GREAT WHITE. If you ever really get sober and can rehab your body.Everyone will take you back with open arms.

I just dont think that day will ever come. Remember, you caused this. The guys did not fire you or kick you out of the band. You decided this. None of us are worried about Jack Russell’s Great White. No one believes you will ever be sober enough to work, your body could never hold up t o the grind or wear and tear of touring.. The band is as you say a " Cover Band", Not by our choice but your actions. Now if you did ever try and go out drunk or eating pain pills to sing, I will stop you. I will spend what ever it takes financially for you not to hurt the band. You made me in charge and made me promise not to let anyone or anything hurt your baby (GREAT WHITE). So If 1 have to save you from yourself hurting Great White,Then I will.

Now with that being said. The day you can pass a drug test and a real doctor tells me that your-not goingto hurt yourself and your body can stand up to the rigors of touring then of course the stage is all yours.

I will be the person with a huge smile in the front row;screaming and cheering the loudest.

" What does not klll us makes us stronger" Nitchske.


“The main ingredient of stardom is the rest of the team"

- John Wooden

"Be more concerned with your character than your reputation,because your character is what you really are,while your reputation is merely what others think you are".

John Wooden

I am always here for you if your sober. When your not,I am not. Much Love. Love means never having to say sorry.


In a message dated 7/3/201110;48:12 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time,:

Dear Obi,

I just wanted to Jet you know lhave been doing really good lately. Okay I had a slip.Don’t hate me. Before Kendall finally got sober he was dolng the same thing,but you never knew because he does not like you, so the only time he talks with you is when he needs something. Also as lam sure you know Audie and Scotty are smoking pot everyday and using Scotty’s Norco. If this band is going to be sober that needs to include every member not only myself. Please do no take this the wrong way. I am not trying to point the finger at other people to take the heat off of myself. Iam just pointing out the hypocrisy and double standards that need to•stop. I must say,l am finally sick and tired of all the shit, the lies,the fact that people are scared to rely on me. Most especially the fact that f lie to my wife,and you,my best friend. . Well, believe it or not 1 am done! I am heading to the Torrence Marriott today to attend an AA convention with Heather,my sober coach and his wife. You know that more than anything, I want to be back on stage fronting the band I started,but what 1 want even more is to have your friendship. I am going to give it a11•1 have to stay sober because I am fucking tired of not feeling like myself. Iam also g?ing through withdrawals from Seboxone. So pardon me for not being myself right now. J would say 1 am sorry but as many times as you have heard that what does it mean? J love you. You are the brother I never had. Please do not give up on me. I promise I will make you proud.

I love you Obi! Best to the boys and Happy 4th of July. By the way it took me an hour an ten minutes to type this with one finger. Hopefully that will make you laugh.

Ps If the band does not want me back, don’t worry I will not go out with Jack Russell’s Great White. Great White can continue to sadly tour as a cover band. I am focusing on getting myself healthy and I will be soon.

Call me please when you feel you can talk to me. I will not try to call you.



December 10, 2011


I know that the band has issues with me however, I have issues as well. Here are some of the things that bother me every day:

1. Kendall was a raging alcoholic during the touring years 1985-1992. When Kendall tore a hole in his esophagus because of his alcoholism, the band had to hire someone to replace him for months on the Scorpions tour and while he was in the hospital and then went to rehab. When we had an intervention for Mark I was the only one there and the only person who came to see him at the hospital. I was there for him when he was down, yet he is not here now when I almost died, and need him the most. What happened to "Teams Till the End"? All his wife does is spread rumors about me and since nobody calls me they do not know how I am really doing. Everyone is basing how I am doing off of a few phone calls which do not reflect how far I have come and how well I really am doing every day!

2. I borrowed $55,000 from my parents to pay salaries when the band was broke, and I sold all of my publishing to pay the band as well. Neither my parents, nor myself got a fucking "Thank You".

3. I alone got Great White the record deal with Sony. John Kolodner told me" I don’t know if Great White has another record in them but I believe in you and your voice so I am going to sign the band".

4. After we were signed to Sony, Audie had to be replaced for the entire album because of his meth addiction. He could not even play his own fucking drums. The band had to pay to have him replaced. I fought with John Kolodner from Sony to keep Audie in the band, when John was going to fire him. I never told Audie about this because I did not want to hurt his feelings, or make him feel guilty for his disease of addiction. Speaking of which, during the Hooked album, Michael had to cut and tape Audie’s drum tracks together because he was too fucked up on Cocaine to play. Must be nice to have people forgive and forget.

5. In 1996, after I initiated firing Alan, I assumed the role he played, and got us a manager, an accountant, an agent, a lawyer, endorsements, sold publishing money to increase our salaries, a record deal for Great White and myself, paid our pills, and spent all of my free time making phone calls to manage Great White, which was a big factor in why my wife and I divorced. She was constantly telling me that I was spending all of my time on the phone that I should b spending with my family. One more unappreciated sacrifice. Big Surprise That! But someone had to run the band,and it certainly was not Ray Tusken, Ron Deblasio, or any of the other band members.

6. Obi would not be here if it were not for me either. Speaking of Obi, I know some of you are constantly talking, or your wives are constantly talking, even to me,about how their husbands want to fire Obi. Just so you know I am not on board with this and never will be. He has captained this vessel through some very stormy seas in the last years, okay? I have nothing but love and admiration for his loyalty to me and the band I started. His hard work and dedication have kept this band alive through all this needless drama. Thank you Obi from the bottom of my heart. Obi,you may be mad about this letter however, I have been trying to get a hold of you and have not heard back. Unfortunately, I cannot handle the stress of this anymore, for even one more day

7. This band would not even be together had it not been for the phone calls I made to repair the damaged relationships between all the members. At that time I had to convince Mark to take Audie and Michael back, because he did not want to split the money.

8. When I fell and shattered my femur on my birthday in 2009,I finished the concert,l ost 2 units of blood in the process, and had to be rushed to hospital to have emergency surgery. Nobodybcalled to see if I was okay. All that the band ever cares about is money. The friendship ends when the checks stop. It saddens me after all the great times we have had and all of the things we have been through together, the only thing that matters now is money. Nobody in this band really gives a shit about anybody else,except for Scott (aka Audie’s remora) who is in love with him.

9. All these bullshit rumors spreading around about me getting loaded courtesy of Yoko Kendall and Michael, which I am proud to say are untrue as I am 4 months sober, and no matter what anyone believes they cannot take that away from me, remind me of back in the late 90s when I had to call a meeting with Mark and Audie’s wives because they were spreading rumors that I was stealing money from the band (WHAT MONEY?) Because my wife had bought me jewelry on her credit card, which she was still paying off when we divorced.

10. I take full responsibility for the damage done to the band because of my drug and alcohol use. These things I am bringing up are not meant to point the finger,or blame anyone else,or try to make myself a victim. I just want to point out that nobody is perfect, except Michael of course, who needs to quit acting like the fucking pope! LOL.

11. I have always been there for everyone else, which unfortunately has not been reciprocated.

An excerpt from Obi’s e-mail to me in July:

"I have no concern over Audie, Mark or Scott. They have not canceled shows. Missed rehearsal, or hurt the branding of Great White. (Really? See #1 & #4).1 am only concerned with matters that hurt Great White. That hurt the brand. Your sobriety is your business. I do not discuss it with the guys. Again they do not want to hear it from you or I. They only want to see it. There is no double standard. If those guys affected the bands performance or hindered the band from earning a living, then they would be held to a higher standard too. (Now if you did ever try and go out drunk or eating pain pills to sing, I will stop you. I will spend what ever it takes financially for you not to hurt the band. You made me in charge and made me promise not to let anyone or anything hurt your baby,. (GREAT WHITE). So if I have to save you from yourself hurting Great White, Then I will.

So if I come back to the band and do not affect the performance or hinder the band then I should not be held to a different standard,if so then IT IS a double standard!) As for Great White,I t is MY baby, and I would not go out and do anything to hurt my creation.

Everyone is making money but me. Unless everyone is going to pay me to be at home, I need to go back to work ASAP and will be able to do so under the following guidelines:

I am ready to work on MY terms:

1. No booze

2. No Cigarettes

3. No Prednisone

4. Pain medications prescribed by a Physician at the correct doses if needed, which will not have any side effects that would affect my ability to do my job in a professional manner, and can be accompanied with a Physician’s statement supporting this.

5. Unfortunately I will have to walk with a cane for the rest of my life, due to the fact that my left leg is 2 Y2 inches shorter than my right leg. But,I will be fine to walk around and rock on stage without it.

6. All the TOXIC bullshit needs to end now:

A. The lack of communication between band members, i.e.: not returning phone calls, and Silent treatments.

B. The rumors and talking behind everyone’s back

c. The hypocritical judging

D. Being mean and disrespectful to my family

If Mark,Audie,and Michael still want to play with me as Great White, then the band needs to meet

NOW to talk.

If not, someone other than Obi or Sullivan, needs to have the balls to pick up the phone and call me.( Oh I’m sorry, I am the one who always made those phone calls, am I supposed to fire myself?) If this is the case I am fully prepared to make other arrangements.

I am awaiting your timely reply.

Warmest Regards,

Jack Russell

Lead singer and Founder of Great White

December 11, 2011 11:29:14 PM


I have a few more things I felt the need to say since you have all been such great friends, and this will be my last communication.


"Teams Till the End".This is the End. My old friend, The End. You are a despicable human being who does nothing but use people for whatever you can get from them. Basically you arc a piece a shit. You have not been my friend for years, and you never would have had any success if it were not for my talent. The only smart thing you have ever done is pester me to jam with your ridiculous cover band. You and your wife are users to the first degree, after the fire, you told everyone you could how this completely ruined your life and you had no way to make any money so you conned people into feeling sorry for you so that they would send you their hard earned cash. You conned Darren into buying a computer for you with the promise of paying him back, then when it came time to do so, you cut off all contact. You were even slimy enough to borrow money from my mom,who told me, she felt so pressured by you, that she gave in and loaned you the money, which I do not believe you ever paid back. I have helped you and your family countless times, never asking for anything in return. You even came to me when I was in rehab, and begged me to do some shows, when I was no where near ready mentally or physically, but you did not care because it served your purpose. Money as always. Now I have to tell you something that has been bothering me for a long long time. And the onlymway to free myself from this baggage is to be honest.


This happened a couple more times, but I will spare you the details as they are uninteresting at best.

But back to you, you are not the great guitar player you think you are. You are a good and soulful guitar player. You need to stop the ridiculous rambling during Cant Shake It. lt is pathetic. Your constant rambling wants to make me shove ice picks in my fucking ears. You are a miserable excuse of a human being, who I am embarrassed to say l share my planet with. Since You have become "born again" you and your white trash, sinful, family habecome the most judgmental rucks!!!"Judge not Lest ye be judged" This is all the time I have to spend on the likes of you. God will be YOUR judge. Adios puto.



You have no talent whatsoever. Your drumming is barely satisfactory. I am the only reason that you were ever invited into my band in the first place. You have never been an asset to the bands career, only a detriment. You do not have a creative bone in your body, except for interior decorating, yard work, smoking pot, and eating burritos. You used to have a body that I envied, but now you have turned into an old fat fuck. The best album the band ever did was ‘Cant Get There From Here';

Myron could drum circles around you, with one foot. You have never written a song, or contributed musically to this band in anyway. Big surprise, a drummer that cannot write songs. The song ‘Shine On’ from my first solo album was n song I originally wrote for Great White. I came down to the studio and tried to explain the drum beat to you, but you could not get it. Come on, a simple shuffle beat! So I sat behind your kit and played the beat for you which still left you scratching your head. For Christ’s sake, I am a singer not a drummer. The only reason I put up with your silly ass is because is that you are a charming loveable guy with a funny, twisted sense of humor that I used to enjoy. But sadly as the years passed, it also became all about the money for you. I should have listened to John Kolodner when he asked me to fire you. You have been riding my coat tails for too long and lam happy to be rid of you. Keep practicing, maybe one day you will be mediocre.


The chameleon. You have no personality of your own. You are like a shape shifter. Whoever is in charge at the time, you become their Mini Me. When Alan was managing the band, you became him, you dressed like him, you used a ridiculous English accent and for all intents and purposes, you were his shorter twin. After we fired Alan, my idea by the way (another big surprise) and I started running the band, you became my clone, For God’s sake, people even mistook you for me, when they were not mistaking you for a women. During this time you called me at least 5 times a day, which was bothersome and annoying. Much like me in these last months, for which I apologize. Now you are Obi’s puppet. You also would have never been in the band if it were not for me. Nobody even wanted you in the band, including Alan. But I fought with Alan and Mark and convinced them to keep you on. Remember the Man Behind the Curtain. Now you are running the show. P.S. I have heard it is a "Great show" NOT!I guess it is your time in the spotlight my friend. Don’t let the light blind your eyes. Keep the make up flowing, and your hair feathered and flipping just right. I am sure you will have a long and illustrious career as the leader of Great White, the cover version. You as well would have never amounted to anything if it were not for my God given talents. I can’t wait for the next album, with Ronnie James Ilous’s vocals. Hopefully, you will have the decency not to butcher the name you are attempted to steal from me, anymore than you already have. It hurts me, as I once considered you to be a really good friend. But now I realize you are just like everyone else. Over the last year I had glimpses of the good guy that you inherently are, that I once knew and loved (calling me back once and texting me a few lines when your always "super busy"). Although l do appreciate the time you came and stopped in to see me at the hospital which was on your way to the casino, hope it did not take to much time out-of your day, 15 minutes. Regretfully, your need for money won out. I must admit that you and your family are still and always will be in my prayers.



How does it feel to have a career based on others talents. You have been and always will be a cover band bass player. Bask in the glory while it lasts. For a while you had me fooled into thinking you were a decent guy with his own opinions. But in a short time, I came to realize that the only opinions you have are Audle’s. You follow him around like a fucking puppy dog. Sit Scott, Roll over Scott. Play Scott. Beg Scott, No really beg Scott, that these guys will keep using you because of the passive yes man that yon are. It is sad to see someone with so much talent never rise above the cover band status. Have fun playing my songs. While the hired no name Joe name .To should and fee!s entitled to have any right to make judgment on the founder of this band, is beyond me. Go fuck yourself, you poser.


The fact is that none of you have ever appreciated anything I have done for this band. All the blood, sweat and tears I have shed for you. Sacrificing my financial stability, my relationships, and MOST IMPORTANTLY my health, for such undeserving people. How did you all become so inhumane, that mones more important than a human life, someone that was you r friend? Now you are attempting to steal from me the one thing I love beyond an others, my vision, my band, my name, my life’s work Great White. Why because I screwed up like everyone else, or because all you care about is money. You are a bunch of sellouts, thieves, and sycophants, with no vision of your own. That is why you have attached yourselves like leaches onto my vision. I hope you all get what is coming to you. There is a rocky road ahead for all of us, and who knows where1he chips may fall. But if God is good, I will have again what is rightfully mine.

Happy Holidays to you and your families and a joyous New Year.

Don’t ever try to contact me as any attempted correspondence will be unreviewed. And if you ever see me, do us both a favor and walk the other way, pretend you don’t know me.

Jack Russell, Founder, and Lead Singer, Great White

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