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Gene Simmons, Vince Neil & Stephen Pearcy all take the stage with Minneapolis local legends HAIRBALL


Gene Simmons jams some KISS tunes with Hairball

Minnesota’s local legends HAIRBALL share the stage with KISS bassist Gene Simmons

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– The Midwest is known for deer hunting, ice fishing in the winter and your occasional weekend barn dance. But it’s not the place you’d find a bombastic hairband that brings it at the level that Hairball does. But that is just the case. The Minneapolis based "Arena Rock Tribute" Hairball has been dazzling fans for well over a decade. Actually just like the West Coast based Steel Panther – Hairball has been around since the 90s.

The group was originally formed by Slave Raider vocalist Chainsaw Caine. Caine retired from performing but still has his dirty hands in the mix and admits in a Sleazeroxx interview, "I’ve gone over to the dark side and I am a partner in a booking agency!"

The band is blowing the roof off (literally) 1-2 and 3 thousand seat venues. Hairball is playing small arena’s, county fairs and local speedways to house their massive draw of die hard fans. Those fans are also getting their fair share of next level celebrity guests. The band has recently jammed with Vince Neil of Motley Crue, Stephen Pearcy of Ratt & the God of thunder himself – Gene Simmons of KISS. All in the same nite. Imagine the locals who attended that show!


Hairball hangin’ with Vince Neil of Motley Crue & Stephen Pearcy of Ratt

KISS bassist Gene Simmons joins tribute band HAIRBALL on stage for a few KISS classics.  Check out some video clips of Gene singing "Cold Gin" &  "Deuce"

Also, Vince Neil doing "Live Wire" & Stephen Pearcy jamming "You’re In Love"

If you are anywhere near Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa or the Dakota’s – we suggest you look for Hairball and make your way to their next show.


More info on Hairball @ FacebookWebSiteShows

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