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Russ Dwarf “Wireless” – CD Review – “WOW! That’s all I can say.” t.Odd


Russ Dwarf 5’4" and kicking ass!


Russ Dwarf is NOT an actual “dwarf”. He’s as tall as Tom Cruise in stature and has a voice that towers over the likes of “tall guys” like Sebastian Bach.

Russ Dwarf "Wireless" CD Review

Posted By: Metal Sludge

Written By: t.Odd


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WOW! That’s all I can say. In my meager 3 months of existence writing for ‘sludge I’ve discovered some amazing new bands (Black Veil Brides), some amazing Mohawks (Crash Diet), and some old friends still kicking ass (Wednesday 13). Now I’m an optimist, but even I never could have seen this one coming. I was recently contacted by one of the biggest superstars to ever come out of that great land of Canada (no, not Lips from Anvil) and asked personally to review this legendary artists new record. Now this “kid” has been amazing audiences for a few years now, making all the teenage girls swoon and pretty much putting Canada on the musical map in the process. I must admit I was honored to be approached to review the new record by this 5’ 4” sensation…

Russ Dwarf!

(I seriously hope you didn’t think I was referring to Justin Beiber, he’ll be old, fat, poor and drugged out (aka Marilyn Manson) long before he can write a song as good as Russ!)

Artist: Russ Dwarf

Record: “Wireless”

Label: Smoothline Entertainment Group


1st impression of the CD:

Another actual CD that someone took the time and effort (thanks Rob from Smoothline Entertainment!)  to send! I’m really getting inspired by artists like this that take the time and money (postage isn’t fucking cheap) to send me a CD. Rob & Russ sent me a digital copy AND the CD, which in the military I think would be called going “Over and Beyond the Call of Duty”. Even though music is all “digital” now, and I’ll admit I haven’t bought a physical CD in over 10 years, this whole ITunes revolution isn’t really that great. It’s great to find new artists and be able to buy their songs instantly, but do you know what MY “Itunes” was in the 80’s? Fucking Harmony House Music in the Oakland Mall outside Detroit MI! I spent HOURS combing through albums (yes, the dinosaur known as vinyl) looking for new music. And I had to drive an hour each way to get there (or get a ride pre-16). That was fucking dedication! Now any asshole can click a button and buy (or steal) a song. I’m conflicted. Technology has its benefits, but listening to this CD reminds me of a day when being a music lover and a “Metal Head” in particular actually took work. It was in your heart, no lazy ass wannabe’s were metal fans back then, and I like it that way!

The image:

CD packaging is great, a collage of studio shots, and then a cool caricature of Russ on the back, escaping from that “Killer Dwarf” box that I believe was in the “We stand alone” video. There’s a tricycle in the box that he’s looking at, which to me is a metaphor for his “youth” spent in that “Killer Dwarfs” box, which he has thus escaped, but looks back on with revelry.

FUCK, my brain hurts after that Dr Drew analysis!    

The Songs:

When I got this record I was a bit reluctant, as “We Stand Alone” was the ONLY Killer Dwarves song I knew (or so I thought) and it’s not even on this record! Luckily I was totally wrong!

“Keep the Spirit Alive” – I know this tune! As with most of the songs on this record I knew this song (20 years of LA bullshit lifestyle MAY have fried a few brain cells, so gimme a break!) And it’s literally an anthem from not only the road warriors like Russ, but ANYONE that believes in something and fights to make it happen. Sounds fucking AMAZING! Russ’ vocals are so clean and powerful, it’s scary. Many bands do “unplugged” albums, but songs like “Unskinny Bop” acoustic just reveal the lack of songwriting and skills needed to write a “wireless” record.     

 “Stand Tall”, “Doesn’t Matter”, “Dirty Weapons” – I know ALL these fucking songs! What an idiot I am to think I only know 1 Killer Dwarves song! Poor Russ had to slow them all down and play in my favorite singer-songwriter type format for me to realize what I was missing! Every song on this record is great, and the production/vocals are amazing. Rob told me Bumblefoot (from GnR I think) did a solo on one of the songs, but this CD doesn’t need guest stars. Russ has done something right over the years, as his voice is still killer, and if nothing else this record is a showcase of what an “80’s” singer with actual talent can do in 2013.

“Driftin’ Back”: If any of you read my review of the Black Veil Brides CD you’d know I actually cried like a little bitch when listening to their song “Nothing at All”. This song has me in the same place, but instead of being sad about loss and “falling down” it’s about remembering better days. It puts a huge smile on my face, just to think of times from my past that may have seemed insignificant at the time, but now mean the world to me. Thanks Russ!

3 songs to buy on itunes and add to your “Killer SONGS” playlist: “Keep the Spirit Alive”, “Doesn’t Matter” “Driftin’ Back”

In conclusion:

First of all let’s get something straight. Russ Dwarf is NOT an actual “dwarf”. He’s as tall as Tom Cruise in stature and has a voice that towers over the likes of “tall guys” like Sebastian Bach. This record showcases not only an amazing vocal talent, but songs that will rip your guts out and make them bleed tears of yesterday’s memories. It’s powerful like that.  Buy it!

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