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Ace Finchum leaves UK Glam Rock legends Tigertailz.


Tigertailz (1988) – Jay Pepper, Pepsi Tate, Steevi Jaimz & Ace Finchum

Ace Finchum leaves UK legenedary Glam Rockers Tigertailz

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Facebook — The United Kingdom’s one time answer to Poison was Tigertailz. But that was 25+ years ago.  Tigertailz never achieved the success of a Poison, or European comrades Hanoi Rocks but they definitely made an underground impact. The bands history had break ups, reunions and line up changes with singers, drummers and bassists. 

Tigertailz formed in 1984 and released their debut "Young And Crazy" in 1987 with original frontman Steevi Jaimz. But it was their sophomore release that put their name on the map with Kim Hooker on vocals. They found success in their homeland with "Bezerk" that included the single "Love Bomb Baby." The Tailz charted peaking at #36. But after a few years of fun, the band suffered similar fate that hairbands faced stateside and fell victim to the grunge influx. In 1995 the band went on hiatus for a solid decade.

In 2005 the band relaunhed itself and regenerated interest releasing new music. Sadly they soon faced their biggest set back when the bands bassist Pepsi Tate succumbed to cancer in 2007. Tate was the very heart and soul of the band and placed the original ads to form the group in 1983. Many thought this was the end. However, the band trudged forward eventually replacing Tate.

Then in another shocking development frontman Kim Hooker left in May of 2012. Jay Pepper, the guitarist and only original member still standing announced a new line up a few months later which included Australian frontman Jules Millis (White Widow, The Deadthings), Rob Wylde (Teenage Casket Company) and Jason Sims (Bass). Pepper also brought back the groups original drummer Ace Finchum who had performed with Tigertailz from 1984-1991. Now in recent days the stickmans has announced he’s leaving the band for a second time.

See Finchum’s Facebook post below.



Tigertailz (1991) – Ace, Pepsi, Kim & Jay

I have decided to leave the band Tigertailz, as it was a bloody mess and being dragged through the mud, and enough was enough for me. My days of answering to Tyrants and given Ultimatums had to end, so it has. There are things that have just come up through court documents I have only just seen for the first time and never realized how many copies the Bezerk album sold! All in my soon to be published book. I AM NOW A FREE AGENT and any bands looking for a drummer please inbox me.

Thank you Jules and Rob Wylde its been fun.

Ace Finchum


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