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Crashdiet on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood – Live Review


CRASHIDET live @ "The Whisky" on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood



The Swedish band begins a new large-scale tour with a successful opening show in L.A.

By Gerry Gittelson

Metal Sludge Editor at Large

HOLLYWOOD — Lipstick and leather returned to the Sunset Strip on Friday, as Swedish glam band Crashdiet played a concert at the Whisky on the first night of a 44-date tour, the latest in a series of visits to America in hopes of finally breaking the underground favs into the mainstream.

There aren’t many bands left like Crashdiet, a foursome that is clearly most influenced by Motley Crue, and perhaps Crashiet is merely one hit single away from making a name for themselves, and the Whisky was crowded – and patient – before the band crashed the stage with the opening chords of “Rebel” to the screams of little girls up front.


Crashdiet pre-show in "The Whisky" dressing room.


Martin Sweet & Simon Cruz

Crashdiet is touring in support of “Savage Playground,” the band’s fourth album, and every time singer Simon Cruz and company come back to the states, they prove a little more confident, a little more stylized, a little more on the brink.

“I love Los Angeles. Every time we come here, I wish I could stay a long time,” Cruz said beforehand, as the band put the final touches on their makeup and tuned their instruments a few moments before the lights went down.

Or as drummer Eric Young put it: “We’re having a little too much fun.”

It’s so hard to make it these, so it’s anyone guess if Crashdiet ever will hit the big-time. The band continues to give it their best shot, and though the Whisky was not completely packed as perhaps the band would have hoped, there was still a nice crowd, and it proved obvious Crashdiet takes the music seriously – and not just the image.


Chris from Paleface sandwiches a sexy gal with Martin from Crashdiet

There were a bunch of opening bands, most of whom we can assume paid to play, and for the most part the music was grating, though Paleface came through with an impressive performance – probably because the band features drummer Kenny from Taz and guitarist Chris Penketh from Swingin’ Thing. Those two have been there, done that, and the rest of the supporting bands should have been up front taking notes.


A few girls enjoy the night out.


Drummer Eric Young & Singer Simon Cruz


Story and photos by Gerry Gittelson


Gerry Gittelson can be reached at gspot@metalsludge.tv

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