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L.A. Guns bassist being held on MOR cruise ship. Has no passport to re-enter the USA!


Scotty Griffin of L.A. Guns is stuck in the ocean!

L.A. Guns bassist stuck in the ocean and being held on cruise ship with no passport to re-enter the USA

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In the Ocean — Just when you thought you heard all the rumors and news about L.A. Guns we get more from the ridiculist!

It seems bassist Scotty Griffin can not get off the boat as he has no passport.

This is like Ground Hog’s Day with L.A. Guns and the no passport thing.

Last week Metal Sludge reported HERE that the newly recruited Michael Grant was not allowed to board the ship for the much anticipated Monsters of Rock cruise. The guitarist claimed on his own Facebook page, "I didn’t have proper documentation." It now has come to light that he had no passport with him. In a crazy, but only in a D-list 80s hairband kind of way – now the L.A. Guns bassist cannot get off the boat. It seems that Scotty Griffin did not have his passport either. But saving the day is the savvy old vet Steve Riley who happened to have a photo copy of Griffin’s passport on hand. But the US customs will not let him off without the actual passport.

Too bad for the fans they didn’t have one for their ab roller wonder boy as well. We’re sure if Grant had made the trip, his Facebook would be covered with pics. We can see it now – the underwear model in all his glory sitting pool side sipping umbrella and fruit flavored drinks with little 80s piglets in bikini’s all by his side. Guess they’ll have to wait for next year.

See Scotty’s Facebook post below from earlier today.



It looks like Phil is saying; "Are you blokes F’ing kidding me?"

Scotty Griffin

4 hours ago near Hollywood, FL

I’m back in the USSA, having coffee and chocolate croissants with Lita Ford waiting to get off this floating distillery.

Yes, the rumors are true. Our guitarist Michael wasn’t "granted" (pun intended) access due to lack of passport. I also lacked proper documentation (ie passport) but luckily Steve had a photocopy of my passport. Phew!!

So, finally allowed access last minute, I barely had time to shower and shave as "we" were scheduled to play about an hour later. The "we" being me, Phil and Steve. History being made, the first ever "power trio" L.A. Guns show. Phil on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Steve on drums and me on "lead" bass. I did my best to fill in all the guitar solo parts with my best Hendrix/Van Halen licks ala bass! Haha. Look out Billy Sheehan,,, ;-)

So now I’m being held indefinitely till they get a hold of my passport (which was mailed to this dock by a very special person who had every right to tell me "tough luck, suck it up buttercup"). Hopefully I’ll be able to re-enter the USofA shortly. Otherwise I might just have to live on this thing. Which actually isn’t such a bad thing. Free maid service, daily buffet, weekends in the Bahamas.

Anyways, I’m babbling. Too much rum last night. Bacardi and pineapple. Is there a name for this? Or did I just invent it? The Scotty Too Hotty,,, ;-)

Ps-the picture has nothing to do with this post. But when does cuteness of that magnitude need a reason???


Michael Grant guitarist of L.A. Ab Rollers


Stay tuned for the next installment of ‘As L.A. Guns’ turns.

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