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Bret Michaels guitarist Pete Evick retracts ugly rant about Omarosa.


"Apparently calling a ?!?!? ?!?!? is slander." Pete Evick

Bret Michaels guitarist Pete Evick retracts ugly rant about Omarosa from ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ 

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Updated Thursday March 7th 2013

Oops — Pete Evick is best known for his loud guitars on stage with the Bret Michaels Band. Pete is also known on occasion – for having no filter and a loud mouth. But hey, it is rock n’  roll right?

Pete has been playing guitar for roughly 3 decades and after all that loud music and beer – well let’s just say that he doesn’t appear to be the apologetic type. So Pete declined to comment further and simply said "I have no retraction!" Afterall Pete isn’t a Sunday school teacher. So we will give Pete a pass for shall we say, slipping up.

Either way, it appears that Pete’s tongue lashing of a certain Celebrity Apprentice contestant whose name rhymes with Tuiasosopo and Sammy Sosa was received in negative light! And that rant of Pete’s seems to have touched a few nerves. And a few finger tips too. The finger tips of some high powered lawyers who launched themselves onto their iPhones and started calling a certain ‘past’ contestant of the show who likes to ride the wind and even talk dirty.

With that said we’ve been kindly asked to ‘remove’ the alleged slander filled rant.

Now this is Metal Sludge, and we usually like to bend the rules a bit. But we don’t want Pete to end up like his boss. Hint-hint, and get his ass fired too. Afterall, Mr. Evick does have a family to provide for and his 6 string slinging will be necessary for up n’ coming rock shows.

With that said. Please carry on and have a fabulous day!


New York City – On the season debut of the new Celebrity Apprentice the shows host and all around loud mouth Donald Trump fired Bret Michaels. The Poison singer seemed shel-shoc’d and everyone from the Examiner to Radar Online are reporting Michaels was having a full blown ‘melt down’ over being let go. 

Now after Metal Sludge posted an article we borrowed from another site we opened up the inbox and heard "You’ve Got Mail." Bret Michaels Band lead guitarist Pete Evick has shot off an email and clearly he didn’t hold back.

Pete has asked for us to run his rant, and without further babble from us…here ya go.


Pete Evick & Bret Michaels

As far as the fucking apprentice goes, …………………..



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