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L.A. Guns post new line up photo & some fans react with harsh (racist) words.


The newest L.A. Guns 2013 line up


L.A. Guns post new line up photo & some fans react with harsh (racist) words

Posted By: Metal Sludge

The first photo of the new L.A. GUNS lineup — featuring the band’s latest addition, guitarist Michael Grant from ENDEVERAFTER — can be seen below.

L.A. GUNS last week parted ways with its guitarist of one month, Frankie Wilsey (SEA HAGS, ARCADE), and replaced him with Grant. Michael made his live debut with L.A. GUNS last weekend in Chicago and Detroit.

Due to "extenuating circumstances and musical differences," guitarist Stacey Blades announced his departure from L.A. GUNS in early December.

Blades played on four L.A. GUNS albums: "Rips The Covers Off" (2004), "Tales Trom The Strip" (2005), "Loud And Dangerous: Live From Hollywood" (2006) and "Hollywood Forever" (2012). He also authored a book, "Confessions Of A Replacement Rockstar", which was published in 2009.


Posted By: toozicon

Come on guys…This is not good news…I was not happy about Blades departure..but you found a great replacement…who the hell is this new guy….Things seem to be winding down. Not good at all.

Posted By: Neil Young’s Cocaine Booger

Save the picture….it will change in another week or so.

Posted By: Smittygans1

At least their wigs look good.

Posted By: IStoleYourUserNameAgain

They look like a japanese band…

is that really LA Guns?

The above article and comments are taken from Blabbermouth.

The bands own Facebook fans also chime in with some edgy commentary.

Michael Edmonds posted:

Phil, Steve , Scotty, who is the new guy?

Eric Hofmann posted:

Get Tracii back!!$$$$$$

Chad W. Hammer posted:

Where’d Staci Blades go ?

Alejandro Garcia posted:

Where is stacy gunns?

Tim Goulding posted:

The addition of Michael Grant on guitar is a stroke of genius ….

Melissa Noller-Anspach posted:

Where’s Frankie?

Shawn Flye posted:

Love the song "Sex Action" Where’s Traci

Charles Wayt posted:

Hell yeah, Michael Grant is the man. Who is Frankie? Who is Tracii? Lol.

Mikey Jorales posted:

new guitarist sucks i saw the video on you tube , this guy should go back to the chinese resturant and make me an egg roll.

Steve Jackson posted:

U guys need to quit fucking around and get tracii back while you can and make some bank. Time isn’t on you or Ratt’s side!

Bruce Houghton posted:

New guitarist – looks like guitar player from Loudness.

The Sludgeaholics from the world famous Metal SludgeGossip Boards have spoken out as well. Some comments are noted below.

Sixx666 Writes:

When did micheal berryman join la guns

kingbrian74 Writes:

Sale on wallet chains at K-Mart!!

MetalJudge Writes:

I hope they do a cover of "Everybody Wang Chung Tonight" in their set list now and then. Man that would be hilarious!

Sanity Clause writes:

LA Gooks. Cocked n Roaded.

Assdestructor5000 Writes:

The next record should be called " Wok and Roll Gypsy’

Coldcutts writes:

Looks like some dudes having fun at the local unemployment office

Stanley Muscat Guns writes:

That’s a greasy batch of dudes right there. It fits. Think it looks pretty good. I’ll see ‘em when they come to town.

Neonblack510 writes:

The hiring was strictly a business move. Life on the road is tough and expensive so why not hire an Asian? He can do all the cooking and clean the bus. All jokes aside….he’s a really good player and a cool cat.

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