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L.A. Guns confirms Stacey Blades is out and names new guitar player.


L.A. Guns 2013 is Phil Lewis, Scotty Grifin, Frankie Wilsey & Steve Riley

L.A. Guns confirms Stacey Blades is out and names new guitar player.

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Rumormill — Last week Metal Sludge broke news HERE that L.A. Guns was parting ways with guitarist Stacey Blades.Thisafter a near ten year run with the band. Blades himself confirmed the rumor was true with a posting on his facebook.

Now L.A. Guns have officially acknowledged this change and named their replacement. Ironically the new guy is exactly who Metal Sludge said it would be. We’re slick like that.

See statement below from the bands official Twitter post.

L.A. Guns are delighted to announce the new guitarist is our old friend Frankie Wilsey, who we first met back in 2007 when he was playing in Stephen Pearcy’s band, Arcade, on the Rock Never Stops tour. Frankie spent more time on our bus than his own, impressing us with hours of classic bootleg videos from the ’70s and ’80s. He was clearly a rock aficionado, truly a scholar and a gentleman. Frankie’s been playing guitar since 1977. He formed his first band, Head On, in San Francisco in ’81 and then went on to form the hometown Bay area champions Sea Hags in ’88. He moved to Los Angeles in the early ’90s, where he teamed up with Stephen Pearcy of Ratt and Fred Coury of Cinderella to form Arcade. In addition to lots of sessions in Los Angeles, Frankie recently toured with legendary singer John Waite and also had a residency in Las Vegas as Joe Perry in the definitive Aerosmith tribute band, Aeromyth. Frankie joins the band with Guns blazing, ready to tour the world and get involved in writing and recording new original material.


Frank Wilsey X-Sea Hags guitarist is the newest L.A. Guns member

Frankie says, "I met Phil and Steve years ago, traveling down this road. Found out they’re blessed with classic rock style and a road warrior ethic that is rare in this weakling world of music. I have to say, I think this is a very good match up. Let’s hope the fans feel the same."

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