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Bobbie Brown clarifies statement to family of Jani Lane.


Jani Lane & Bobbie Brown



Bobbie Brown wants to clarify statement from Metal Sludge interview to family of Jani Lane.

Posted By: Metal Sludge

Metal Sludge Interview — Bobbie Brown recently did a feature interview with our site, and it seems that some of Jani Lane’s family has become upset at some of the content of that interview found HERE.

With that said, we have received a statement from Bobbie regarding that interview and a request to post the following.


I would like to clarify in the statement that something happened (to Jani) in his teenage years that it was actually age 19 after he moved away from home and his family had no knowledge or part in it whatsoever. And with that no one needs to be offended and feel attacked or assume to know exactly what it is I am referring too.

So please readers don’t jump the gun, because you don’t know and I’ll never tell.

After this interview I will never make mention of Jani again, and or will answer questions concerning him whatsoever. As much as I try to render him in the best light possible, I always get the shit end of the stick on it. And I’m really tired of it.

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