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Doc McGhee does Q&A for fans on KISS Kruise!

Doc McGhee does Q&A for fans on KISS Kruise!


Doc McGhee talks about KISS, Motley Crue & Skid Row reunion.


Doc McGhee does Q&A for fans on KISS Kruise!

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KISS Kruise – Doc McGhee the world famous band manager recently did a 90 minute Q&A on the KISS Kruise for fans. McGhee was full of funny one liners and answered everything the fans asked.

Some of the highlights included Doc talking about managing Motley Crue in the early years and of course all the KISS trivia you can imagine.


Doc talked openly about his 35 years in management and answered every question from the fans who joined the cruise from around the globe.


He also explained that the KISS members really were enjoying the cruise and pointed out that they were mingling around the ship throughout the whole cruise. Not ‘hiding in their cabins’.

One fan asks: (around the 17 min mark) “For KISS Kruise III, would you consider inviting Bruce Kulick and his band along?” As the capacity crowd roared and cheered Doc hesitated a moment and then abruptly said: “No!” 
Of course the crowd broke into laughter along with Doc himself. He then added: “I’m only kidding. We’ve talked to Bruce about it, and we’ll probably bring him along at some point. All of the guys are still great friends.”

Another fan asked (around the 35 min mark) about the much rumored Skid Row reunion with original voice Sebastian Bach. Doc answered: “Oh shit!” as the crowd laughs. Then Doc continues with: “Yes, we’ve been talking about this for – for years. And I believe that there will be one. Umm, I don’t know how soon that will happen, but I believe it will happen in the next few years.”

To watch the full Q&A with Doc, go to youtube HERE

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