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Bulletboys & Little Ceasar in Los Angeles – Live Review

Bulletboys & Little Ceasar in Los Angeles – Live Review


Marq Torien of Bulletboys @ "Key Club" Hollywood Nov. 3rd 2012



BulletBoys return to Los Angeles, and the former MTV stars led by singer Marq Torien show they’re still a concert force at the Key Club on Sunset Strip

By Gerry Gittelson

Metal Sludge Editor at Large

HOLLYWOOD — It was a big night Saturday on the Sunset Strip, as BulletBoys made their grand return to hometown Los Angeles with a torrid set at Key Club that proved Marq Torien has still got it after all these years.


The BulletBoys singer turned 50 earlier this year, and he can still belt it out just like the old days when BulletBoys were selling millions of records, touring with Bon Jovi and other acts, and being a fixture on MTV.


“I love coming back home. It’s always nice to come back to L.A.,” Torien said backstage a few minutes before show time, as groupies and hangers-on wandered about and sampled the band’s dressing-room liquor supply.


Torien put on quite a show, his voice still strong and the little wiggle in his tushy still shaking along. The highlights were the hits of course. “Hard as a Rock” came second, and by that point Torien and his mates including drummer Troy Patrick Farrell had total control of the room. By the time an extended version of “Smooth Up in Ya” rolled around, the place was going crazy.


Lorraine Lewis of Femme Fatale (right) enjoying the night with a friend


Fists were pumpin’, dancing girls were grindin’, and even Femme Fatale singer Lorraine Lewis was gettin’ her grove on in the VIP section between gulping Budweisers.


Little Caesar, led by original singer Ron Young, co-headlined, and the former Geffen Records act went over well, as the club – formerly Gazzarri’s, by the way – began filling to near-capacity during their set.

“Chain of Fools” was the highlight.



Ron Young of Little Ceasar


Tony West of Blacklist Union


Chris Lacey as KK Downing in Breaking The Law


Blacklist Union, led by Tony West, opened, and the promising Los Angeles band pumped some young blood into the proceedings. The band has been tearing up for the past few years – why Blacklist Union has not signed a major deal is a total mystery – and West, a Tommy Lee-lookalike, has all the charisma in the world. This band could be the next Creed, but with a harder edge, if someone would be willing to give them a shot.


I was so pumped up that if I was a record exec I would have pulled out my checkbook on the spot.


Downstairs, Breaking The Law, a Judas Priest tribute band, played a set of old favorites. The group has a hot-shot guitarist in Chris Lacey, formerly of Guttersluts.


Echo & Shawna a couple of Club Vodka dancers showing off some skin

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