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George Lynch says second Lynch Mob Cd was a mistake!

George Lynch says second Lynch Mob Cd was a mistake


"I don’t really like listening to my solos afterwards." George Lynch

George Lynch on the second Lynch Mob release "It was a mistake"

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Written By: David Garlow

The Internet – A recent interview with George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob) was conducted by David Garlow of the Examiner. In the interview Lynch reflects on the past and present from Dokken to Lynch Mob. Check out some of that interview below.

Dave – Lynch Mob formed after the break-up; you took on a different sound, a wider range in song writing style. She’s So Evil and Tangled in the Web are two songs I still love playing, can you talk about the first two albums and how the band first came together?

George – The first incarnation of the Lynch Mob was in 1989 and was the result of my having a lot of juice left in the tank coming off of Dokken. A lot of resources and a lot of time; I was able to take my time and pick out the guys that I wanted from around the world and the result of that was the first album. The second album was a completely different band than the first one. We had a different producer, a different singer; Robert Mason I mean was a great singer! It just shows that if you change one tiny thing it changes everything! (he laughs again) It was a mistake, we should have stuck with the formula that we had.

Dave – Back for the Attack and Tooth and Nail; different ends of the Dokken era; what are some of your favorite tracks off those albums?

George – I remember fondly the writing process more than anything else. That’s always the most exciting thing about making a record; for me! It’s when you’re involved in creating something from nothing. You actually see it evolve into something. So, those are great memories. It was usually Jeff (Pilson) and I, a lot of times Mick, and very occasionally don, kind of just locked in a room somewhere just sweating it out (laughs) and they’re just wonderful, creative moments in the process of writing a record. Then to watch go all the way from an idea to a record and it sells; I couldn’t pick out any one particular song. They are all labors of love, and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into creating those records. That’s why we continue to play the songs today, because they are appreciated.

Dave – I want to say any one solo you have done, be it live or recorded, is my favorite, but you have so many; you did a solo on the Back for the Attack tour here in Syracuse that was insane and remains to this day as one of my favorites that I have ever seen.

George – I don’t really like listening to my solos afterwards (we are both chuckling during this exchange. George can be very humble to my surprise.) 99% of my solos in the studio were thought up in the studio. With the exception of Tooth and Nail, it was the only solo that was worked out and premeditated beforehand. That one stands out because I worked it out ahead of time, actually constructed something.

To read the whole interview check out the Examiner

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