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Rare & Vintage RATT, Dokken, KISS, Styper, Winger & Aerosmith Swag on eBay!

 Rare & Vintage Ratt, Dokken, Kiss & Aerosmith Swag on eBay!


Aerosmith Toxic Twins 1988 Tour Long Sleeve > HERE

Vintage & Rare 80s Swag on eBay from RATT to KISS & every hairband in between!

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eBay – Ever wonder where people get those cool and vintage 80s tees from? Well it looks like eBay is the place. That or your local and trendy shop that buys and sells these from garage sales for a buck, then adds some fancy rhinestones and marks it up to the moon. If you are in Hollywood you will see these in shops along Melrose for $ 250.00 to $ 750.00! True. Or, you can google search your favorite band and find them on eBay.

Check out auctions for the following rare tees we found all on eBay.

Aerosmith 1984/85 Back in the Saddle Tour Tee > HERE

Great White 1987 Tour Tee > HERE

Def Leppard Hysteria 1987 Tour Tee > HERE

KISS 1987 Tour Tee > HERE

Winger 1989 Tour Tee > HERE

Aerosmith Thanksgiving Day Parade 1987 Show Tour Tee > HERE

Dokken 1988 The Beast from the East Tour Tee > HERE

Whitesnake North American 1987 Tour Tee > HERE

Stryper In God We Trust Tour Tee > HERE

RATT N’ ROLL 1984 Tour Tee > HERE

REO Speedwagon 3/4 Sleeve 1982 Tour Baseball Style > HERE

KISS Madison Square Garden World Wide Live 1996/97 > HERE


Aerosmith Permanent Vacation 1987 Girls Baby Tee > HERE

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