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Great White: We Standby Quiet Riot.

Great White: We Standby Quiet Riot


Great White 2012 featuring Mark Kendall on guitar & Terry Ilous on vocals.



Great White: We Standby Quiet Riot.

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Los Angeles, CA — The press release below was sent to us from GREAT WHITE. It looks to be their response to the recent comments made by Frankie Banali drummer of Quiet Riot.

Frankie said: "Jack seems to forget how much fan blood he has on his hands for the Rhode Island crime." And those comments by Frankie, were in response to Jack’s comment about Quiet Riot touring with a new singer, Jack said: "Put a fork in it. Without Kevin DuBrow it’s not Quiet Riot."

In a recent interview with MAXIMUM THRESHOLD Jack was asked about several bands. The subject was regarding original singers, and them fronting or not frotning their respective projects. Jack talked about many groups, including Queensryche, LA Guns, Warrant, Van Halen and Quiet Riot.

In short, this latest interview has caused yet annother fire storm between Jack and his former bandmates.. Or as we refer to it – another Great White debate.


Grammy nominated classic rock group, GREAT WHITE, reacted to recent statements made by its former lead singer regarding iconic rockers, QUIET RIOT.

"QUIET RIOT is a rock and roll institution. Its catalog and live performances continue to entertain audiences worldwide. Even with the passing of original lead singer, Kevin DeBrow in 2007, the current band members continue QUIET RIOT’s rock and roll legacy. We have had the extreme pleasure of performing with QUIET RIOT three times this year and witnessed first hand their amazing stage presence and professionalism. We standby QUIET RIOT and look forward to our next opportunity to share the stage. Hold onto your forks.The best is yet to come."

GREAT WHITE is world-renowned blues guitarist and founder, Mark Kendall, 28-year veterans Michael Lardie (guitar, keys) and Audie Desbrow (drums). They are joined by Scott Snyder (bass) and lead singer Terry Ilous.

Visit GreatWhiteRocks.com for more information and tour dates. 

More info on Great White @ FacebookWebsite

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