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A Hollywood Sold Out Riot with Sweden’s CRASHDIET!

A Hollywood Sold Out Riot with Sweden’s CRASHDIET!


CRASHDIET with a Go-Go dancer from the "Whisky-A-Go-Go"


Can the Swedish imports be the next Poison or Motley Crue? A sold-out crowd at the Whisky says yes indeed

By Gerry Gittelson

Metal Sludge contributor


HOLLYWOOD – Against a mist of smoke and perfume, Swedish sensations Crashdiet made their mighty return to Los Angeles on Wednesday, filling the sold-out Whisky club with their sleazy brand of lipstick-n-leather-tinged rock that proved utterly captivating to the delight of the mostly female crowd.

Playing a choice of songs from their three-CD catalogue including the great “Generation Wild,” Crashdiet performed with a fiery fervor the likes of which have not been seen on the Sunset Strip since early Poison.

This was Crashdiet’s second visit to California (Sludge covered the first visit HERE), and this time there was a tour bus with the next stop scheduled for Las Vegas the following evening, and Mohawked singer Simon Cruz and his band mates were feeling like rock stars in every sense of the word.


                     CRASHDIET rock a full house at the "Whisky-A-Go-Go" in Hollywood.

“This is a big day today. It’s our first time playing the Whisky,” bassist Peter London said a few moments before show time. “I mean, seeing our name on the Whisky marquee, that’s one of the biggest things that has ever happened for me in my entire life.”

And so the celebration was on. The drinks were flowin’, the go-go girls were dancin’, and every so-called industry guy in the building was tryin’ to make all the young groupies believe that he could find them a career in the music business. God I miss the old days.


The image is over-the-top Glam, and it works.

Or is Cruz put it: “The girls seem to be open to it.”

Welcome to the new face of rock. It’s not American, it’s not British, but Crashdiet is firmly invested in becoming

the next Motley Crue.

“Of course Motley Crue is great, but the dinosaurs are dying out,” guitarist Martin Sweet said, in between tuning his guitar and teasing his hair.

There’s a new album coming in January entitled “Anarchy,” an aptly-named collection because Crashdiet is trying to shake things up in an American rock scene that becomes

a little more boring every year.

“As far as the image goes, I think it helps a lot,” London said. “We look better than other bands – and we play better, so that helps, too.”

It’s a long way from Sweden to the United States, especially if you’re not selling millions of records, but band manager Michael Sunden said the plan must include conquering America, so the group hits the stage on every stop like it’s a gig of a lifetime.

“I told them if you want to be successful, you have to do what I say and keep coming back to America,” Sunden said. “You’ve got to win over the UK fans and the USA fans.”


                          Not CRASHDIET but maybe a few of these broads could use one.

                                                       Welcome to Metal Sludge girls.

It’s one thing to preen and prance like Motley Crue or Guns N’ Roses on stage, and it’s another to act like them for the other 23 hours of debauchery, and let’s make things clear: Crashdiet likes to have a good time, and that includes all the trappings and dark pursuits they can figure out, just like their forefathers that first blazed a trail on the Sunset Strip.

“It can get a little crazy,” Sunden said.

It’s the same old story post-Generation X. If the drugs and booze won’t get you, the girls will.


                              CRASHDIET singer Simon Cruz channeling his best Billy Idol

“Crashdiet is fuckin’ hot,” said a young groupie named Stephanie whose outfit suggested she wanted to make it past the backstage door.

Who knows if she was referring to the music or the makeup, but it does not really matter.

Stephanie’s friend, Jana, was a little more expressive: “The singer is great. It’s great fuckin’ music. It’s like the 80s with hair-metal all over again.”   


                                                        Half of the GLAMOUR PUNKS

The Glamour Punks opened, and it was a nice contrast between the old school and new school. Singer Mandy was all over the stage, and Glamour Punks appeared to be even tighter than usual. There are good musicians in place, including veteran bassist Ally, and the performance definitely worked.


                                                            two blonds + four boobs = six sex


                                           GLAMOUR PUNKS book end a manic panic fan


                                                    GLAMOUR PUNK beast with a beauty

Gerry Gittelson can be reached at gspot@metalsludge.tv

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