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Sebastian on Nick Sterling “If you’re not happy. Get out of my band” claims of a drinking problem.

Sebastian Bach on guitarist Nick Sterling. "If you’re not happy. Get out of my band!"


Nick Sterling fired from Sebastian Bach band

Baz says "I need a guitar player who is sober on stage!"


Sebastian Bach fires Nick Sterling "I need a guitar player who is sober on stage!"

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Green Bay, WI —  Sebastian Bach has done an interview with a Green Bay radio station 93 Rock. Local DJ Amber Lee caught up with Bach and it seems as though Nick Sterling has been fired from the band. We did a ‘story‘ on Nick’s absence last week. Amber’s blog is below.

I had the chance to catch up with Sebastian Bach. We talked about touring behind ‘Kicking and Screaming,’  musicals, Ted Nugent, and a few other things including his current guitarist trouble. Nick Sterling posted on his Facebook page that he was having contractual issues that forced him to sit out for a few shows. I asked Bach about it, and he said that’s not the case. Listen to find out what really happened.

This is that segment of the interview. Skip to :38 to avoid me explaining everything written above. You can get the full interview at http://93rockon.com/profiles/amber-lee/

Some of Sebastian Bach’s comments from the interview about Nick Sterling are below.

"He (Nick) will not be back and he is not sitting out any shows."

"Two days before the LA show. He guaranteed to me on the phone he would sign the release and be a part of it. Then when we got to soundcheck, he would not sign the release. We could not film the show with him – he wouldn’t let us. He wanted all these, sorts of demands that nobody else in the band wanted, that were completely unreasonable."

"If someone is not happy in my band, I will be the first one to show them the door, and say – don’t let it hit you, in the ass on the way out! If you’re not happy, and you’re not part of the team, and you’re not interested in being successful, or being professional, than get out of my band!"

Bach goes on to tell how any new member of his band is told in advance of his rules. And that rule number one is; "There is to be no drinking alcohol of any kind, before any concert." And that he demands that his band members be 100% sober on stage.

"He (Nick) would be drinking at sound check, drinking during the day, drinking here, and I would say ‘Dude, it’s not allowed in my band.’ And he would get mad at me." Bach claims that drinking over time became a real problem with Nick.

Bach also talks about Nick not being able to get into Canada, and says:"Nick got into some legal trouble, having to do with alcohol, down in Arizona. Where he lives." So, legally Sterling according to Bach is not allowed into Canada.

"I wish Nick all the best. I hope he can figure out, how to be the type of man, as a human being to other people, as he is an incredible musiician on stage. He’s an amazing guitarist. But if you can’t get on your flight, or you can’t honor your word, or be a team player, then I don’t want to play with you anymore."


                "I loved playing with Nick on stage. When he was not drinking" Sebastian Bach

A link for the audio interview with Sebastian Bach can be heard right HERE

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