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Ted Nugent comments on Sebastian Bach: “Why do you think they call it dope?”

Nugent comments on Bach: "Why do you think they call it dope?"


Does Ted Nugent think Sebastian Bach is a dope?


Ted has a reply for Sebastian Bach’s recent comments about the Nuge. "Why do you think they call it dope?"

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A few weeks back we did a ‘post‘ on Sebastian Bach after Baz did an interview with our friends at METAL RULES. In that interview Bach was asked about his old band (Skid Row) and sharing a home with the ever controversial Ted Nugent. As always – Baz had plenty to say.

Below is an excerpt from that interview about the Nuge.

Metal Rules: How was living in a house with Ted Nugent-known as the ‘Wildman of Rock’?

Sebastian Bach- To be honest with you, I think that Ted’s political beliefs and social opinions overshadow how great a guitar player he is. More people know Ted for his outrageous views and political viewpoints. His music is so great but a lot of people are disgusted by him, they don’t like guns. People don’t like racism but he says some things that are from the fifties. People don’t think like that anymore, it’s not acceptable. It’s a shame because I love his music and he is funny as hell.

He is so abrasive with his beliefs; it takes the fun out of it!       


Now ROCK MUSIC STAR has interviewed Ted Nugent and asked his thoughts on Bach’s recent comments and opinion of him. Below are a few parts of that interview.


                   Bach in a photograph by TMZ with some whacky tobacco or just a smoke?

Rock Music Star:  In a recent interview, your old "Supergroup" cast mate, Sebastian Bach, said that you’re a "great guitar player," but "people are disgusted" by you because "they don’t like guns."  He says your old school ways are "from the fifties" and it makes you come off as racist, which to him "is not acceptable."  How do you respond to these comments?  

Ted Nugent:  I don’t.  Why do you think they call it dope?


RMS:  Would you ever appear on "American Idol?"  What would they have to do to get you on that show?


TN:  They could donate 10 million dollars to my children’s charity, and my military charity, and I would be happy to appear.

RMS:  What’s next for Ted Nugent?

TN:  The continuing incredible quality of life I have always carved out for my family and friends.  The best soul music on earth and the best hunting season of my life.  Constant upgrade and adventure, far beyond the road less traveled.

For the full Ted Nugent interview go to ROCK MUSIC STAR

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