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Pretty Boy Floyd / Faster Pussycat tour bus stolen.

Pretty Boy Floyd/Faster Pussycat tour bus stolen.


Pretty Boy Floyd / Faster Pussycat Tour Bus Stolen!

Posted By: Metal Sludge


We just got the following email from Pretty Boy Floyd guitarist Kristy Krash Majors.


Hey Sludge,

Update from the America Rocks Tour.

Our bus brakes, air shocks and a bunch of other shit went out and the driver tried to fix it with a air compressor in the front lounge. We had electrical wires hanging from the ceiling too. The driver then stole our equipment and drove the bus to another state after having a complete meltdown. He left the bus there, and then flew home.

We finally got our equipment back and a new bus with the help of the Police, FBI and some gangster msucle. Besides that, the shows have been killing every night.

Safe travels, Kristy Majors

Our offices are working ferverishly to try and confirm or deny that THIS is the bus in question.

For more info on the America Rocks Tour & PBF dates go HERE!

Thanks guys, keep us posted.

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