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“The only reason I was in Steven Adler’s band was to be his babysitter” Kristy Majors

Kristy “Krash” Majors of Pretty Boy Floyd – Part II

Kristy Majors “I did mescaline, mushrooms, smoked heroin. I did everything.”


“The only reason I was in Steven Adler’s band was to be his babysitter.” Kristy Majors

Here’s part two of Metal Sludge’s exclusive interview with star guitarist Kristy Majors of Pretty Boy Floyd

By Gerry Gittelson

Metal Sludge Contributor

HOLLYWOOD – Twenty-five years later, Pretty Boy Floyd is alive and well, still wearing makeup and still banking on their old hits like “Rock And Roll (Is Gonna Set The Night on Fire)” and “I Wanna Be With You.” What makes such longevity especially noteworthy is that most so-called experts from back in the day proclaimed Pretty Boy Floyd would never be signed, and if so, that they wouldn’t last more than a year.

But Pretty Boy Floyd guitarist Kristy Majors does not give up easily. In this, the second of a two-part interview (you can read part one HERE), Majors sheds light on what happened once the band got signed to MCA. Majors also proves utterly honest about the inner workings – some good but mostly bad – and what it’s like to be a rising rock star in Hollywood who never quite rises all the way to the top.

It’s been a rocky road, not just for Pretty Boy Floyd but for Majors particularly, a talented-but-troubled type whose songwriting and over-the-top image and personality have made him a one-of-a-kind.

And the best thing of all about Majors is he is willing to tell the truth – at least the way he sees it – and he does not give a fuck who is reading. Let’s take it from here.


METAL SLUDGE: Pretty Boy Floyd was not nearly as successful as I had hoped and how a lot of people had hoped. Where did it all go wrong, Kristy?

Kristy Majors: I remember our music was playing on the air, on radio, and MTV, and when we would be on tour, I would take a ride to the local record store just to see if there were any Pretty Boy Floyd records, and there wouldn’t be any records in the bin, and I’d be like, “Oh, great.” I’d call the manager and say: “What the fuck are we doing out here? They don’t even have our records.”

METAL SLUDGE: And some tough reviews in the press. A lot of people didn’t like Pretty Boy Floyd, made fun of Pretty Boy Floyd. Did that hurt your feelings?

Kristy Majors: No. In music, when you get people talking about you, good or bad, you’re doing something right. When they’re not talking at all, that’s when you’re doing something wrong. We were middle of the road – we sold more records than a lot of bands. And you know, we’ve withstood the test of time, and by now the band has kind of became a cult underground classic. Pretty Boy Floyd has very, very loyal fans. Sometimes, when there’s no way you’re going to be on the radio or MTV, there’s an underground scene that people want to be a part of. When you’re too commercial, it’s a turnoff.

METAL SLUDGE: Do you blame MCA? There were a lot of talented bands signed to MCA during that era that never got off the ground.

Kristy Majors: I thought we actually sold a decent chunk of records for a band like us. We did it by touring. We were constantly touring. We didn’t get much love from radio or MTV, so considering all that, all the records we sold, it was because of touring. Initially, we made money. We got a good signing bonus, but we never saw a dime after that.

METAL SLUDGE: Interesting. Do you want to tell us exactly how much you got for signing?

Kristy Majors: No, I don’t. I wouldn’t want anyone to know.

METAL SLUDGE: What about that time when you left before that show in Anaheim at Jezebels?

Kristy Majors: I remember that was back in the heyday. We had just done 29 shows in 30 days, and I had walking pneumonia. Everyone was like, “You have to go onstage.” I was like, “Drop me off at home. I need to go to a doctor and get some medicine, try to feel better. I have walking pneumonia. I have to take it easy.”

I wanted to cut the set to 40 minutes. I said I’d try. They said no, that I had to do the whole set and this and that.

METAL SLUDGE: You ended up leaving with your girlfriend, Lauren Ashley, the MCA publicist. She could have gotten fired for that, Kristy.

Kristy Majors: No, she wasn’t my girlfriend. We were just good friends.

METAL SLUDGE: You left Pretty Boy Floyd for a long time – from 1991 to 1998.

Kristy Majors: Yeah, that was after we recorded some demos. Bret Hartman got fired. There was a new A & R staff at MCA, and we had recorded all these demos like “Tonight Belongs to the Young,” and we worked with all these songwriters. Everything we gave the label, they said: “I don’t hear a single.” We fought about it. I left and worked for a record label because by 1991 it was ridiculous under the management of Bill Aucoin, wearing all these weird outfits. It was starting to turn into a joke. It really was. We did a contract with Cleopatra, but that was a big mistake.

METAL SLUDGE: What about your temper? Does it still get you in trouble?

Kristy Majors: Let’s put it this way: I am not a pussy. I don’t want to fight, but I am willing to take my lumps. I don’t give a shit. I’ve gotten my ass kicked, I’ve been thrown in jail. But I’ve kicked a lot of ass, too.

METAL SLUDGE: Well, when is the last time you really lost your temper? And did you regret it?

Kristy Majors: I don’t really regret it. This one guy, Sullivan Biggs. I went off on him. And Alex Grossi. Also, I played in Steven Adler’s band, and he was just out of control. The only reason I was in the band was to be his babysitter. We would get kicked off airplanes. One time we were going to South America, and we were in Atlanta on a connection, and Steven ran to the bar and did six shots and had two beers, and they said he couldn’t fly on the plane. I had to find hotel rooms and re-book. Basically, I was a rhythm guitar player and a babysitter. It was quite an experience. I remember Steven was on his knees at the ticket counter, begging, “Please please please.” Fuckin’ idiot. I was like, “Get off the floor.” He was on his hands and knees bowing down to them.

METAL SLUDGE: I remember you married Charlie Spradling back in the day when we were all on tour together in Las Vegas. I remember the day because it was my birthday.

Kristy Majors: That marriage was annulled.

METAL SLUDGE: You always loved girls with beautiful tits.

Kristy Majors: That’s true, Gerry. In fact, I ended up getting married again, to a girl named Lauren, and she had beautiful fuckin’ tits. We met at the Rainbow. I had known her on and off for several years. We’re divorced now. You remember Lauren. You used to put pictures of her in your magazine, Hollywood Rocks.

METAL SLUDGE: Of course I remember her. What is she doing now?

Kristy Majors: When we got married, she was a normal girl. But she got in a car accident and ended up getting hooked on prescription drugs. Before that, she would have maybe half a glass of wine.

METAL SLUDGE: What about you? I’ve never seen you even smoke a joint.

Kristy Majors: Oh, I’ve done drugs. I just did ‘em way before, when I was a kid in New York. I did mescaline, mushrooms, smoked heroin. I did everything when I was really young. Like I said, I was a bad kid, but once I got to L.A., I didn’t do anything. But I used to like to drink seven or eight long islands in about a half hour. I wouldn’t even know where I was. I would end up in some girl’s apartment, and I wouldn’t even know who she was. I drank the most when I was miserable, when I hated the band, hated the label, hated everything that was wrong in my life. I don’t have an addictive personality.

METAL SLUDGE: Do you remember when you did the Geraldo TV show, and they bleeped it out when you were talking about girls on the tour bus, and you said, “It’s more of an oral thing.”

Kristy Majors: Yeah, the funny thing was, we were doing that show, and they

did like five or six takes. GERALDO kept saying, “C’mon, guys, I needed a little more dirt, a little more juicier stuff.” I said something the first time that was x-rated, and they cut it. Then, they’re like, “Can you say it another way?” They did this like five or six times before they finally settled on “more of an oral thing.” MORE GERALDO

METAL SLUDGE: But they still cut it.

Kristy Majors: I know. (laughs)

METAL SLUDGE: And you’re touring now with Jack Russell’s Great White, Faster Pussycat, BulletBoys and Lillian Axe. What the heck happened on the first night when Pretty Boy Floyd played just one song?

Kristy Majors: The first show was a cluster fuck. We pulled up, and every band wanted a soundcheck. Five bands. It was the first night of the tour, and there are 20 chefs in the kitchen, all trying to call the shots. There were a lot of technical issues, a lot of things that went wrong. It was a madhouse, but we’ve fixed everything. I apologized on twitter.










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