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Rock City Angels frontman Bobby Durango – RIP!

Rock City Angels frontman Bobby Durango – RIP!


Bobby Durango of Rock City Angels – RIP



ROCK CITY ANGELS singer Bobby Durango – RIP

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Hollywood, CA — It is being reported on Sleazeroxx that Bobby Durango has passsed away. Durango was the frontman of Rock City Angels, who had a solid local following in Hollywood during the mid/late 80s. The band eventually signed to Geffen Records.


Oddly a rumor surfaced a few years ago that he had died. And a few days later he posted on his myspace:
"Someone said I was dead. Last I checked I am not."

Now today, on his official Facebook, there seems to be an out pouring of comments that may strengthen the rumor to be true.

One post appears to be from someone very close to him:

,,,,,,,tears….more tears….oh god i feel so alone not being able to be near him….being in jax and this is all going down in memphis…knowing i never will hold him again.0-;

not fair not fair.i think i will go somewhere far off and just scream as loud as i possibly can.would that make me feel better???oh i just dont know what to do??cry.mourn..Bobby-my love so strong so loud its tearing my heart and spirit apart knowing that you have left us.whatever will we do without our bobby??sad.freaking sad sad sad.i pray for bobby’s mom, dad & sister and for everyone who loves him..


RIP Bobby Durango.

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