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Sebastian Bach says 4 of the 5 guys want Skid Row Reunion.

Sebastian Bach says 4 of the 5 guys are game for Skid Row reunion.


4 out of 5 rockers surveyed say YES to a Skid Row reunion says Bach


Skid Row 4/5 of the way to a reunion.

Posted By staff writer Baz Bolan

Sebastian Bach is an avid Tweeter. He engages fans, friends and even his foes on his Twitter account. He recently tweeted the following about a chance at a Skid Row reunion. Oddly as fast as he tweeted it, he deleted it. But when you have 216k followers it’s hard to unTweet that.

 Râ­•DDICKâ­•Lâ­•US ‏@Silviostein91

@sebastianbach why you didn’t included "forever" in "skid row"?incredible song..

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Sebastian Bach ‏@sebastianbach

1 dude out of 5 in the band hates that song. Same guy who is stopping the reunion from taking place.4 out of 5 of us RintoIt@Silviostein91

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1:14 PM – 28 May 12 via TweetCaster for iOS · Details

He has since deleted the above. He has also tweeted this below.

Sebastian Bach ‏@sebastianbach

4 out of 5 want to do it . Believe it or not i am one of the 4 who would do it @Gotjunk239


Bach is a man of many emotions. And sometimes those emotions have gotten the best of him. And those around him. He recently went off on a female fan who alleged some sort of "fling" with Bach in South American. Bach’s reply:"Fuck you, you stupid ugly orange haired cunt. Get your gunt liposuctioned!"

Metal Sludge hopes the best for a reunion. It would be great to see these 5 make some Monkey Business again for the masses.

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