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Operation Knifecrime? Trouble in the Queensryche camp.

Trouble brewing in the Queensryche camp? Insider says so.


Old Skool Queensryche Shot


Operation Knifecrime? Geoff Tate is alleged to have attacked his band mates in Brazil with a knife!

A recent article was published out of Brazil HERE that alleges a incident that took place with band members Geoff Tate, Michael Wilton and Scott Rockenfield. The article goes on to say, that Tate pulled a knife on his band members before their set. We at Metal Sludge cannot confirm this, but there have been related posts regarding "the incident".

A translation from Portugese to English is noted here.

Something very strange happened in the recent passage of Queensrÿche for our country. The band played in Sao Paulo, HSBC Brazil, last April 14. Before the show, Geoff Tate, lead singer of the group, caught other members plotting his removal on the set.

By the time Tate retired and was silent, but during the soundcheck, he violently assaulted guitarist Michael Wilton, knocking down the musician. Then Tate armed with a knife broke up drummer Scott Rockenfield, but was restrained by security guards of the house, who, along with the crew and some Brazilians who watched the soundcheck, witnessed the whole shack.

Dissatisfied with what happened, Wilton locked himself in the dressing room saying he would no longer play, but was convinced by the production of the event to do the show.

This was also reported on Metal Talk.  It has also been blogged on Rock Pages. We say, where there is smoke, there’s fire. Summon the lead singers, we’re guessing QR is headed for a heartbreak.

Now this past weekend at M3, a Sludge insider was on hand, and back stage. His report about Queensryche is as follows.

There seems to be some truth to that Queenryche thing.  They put on a very stiff, cold performance at M3 this past weekend.  Wilton looked less than happy to be there, and there was zero interaction between any of the band members.  Tate seemed disgruntled when the reaction from the crowd for the first 2 songs was less than enthusiastic. ( a new one, and a song off Promised Land).  The end of the show was what I found interesting-  Tate left the stage before the end of the last song and did not return. He made motions to the crowd and almost insinuated that he was saying goodbye. The band did a bow without Tate and left.  Like I said, a totally flat and emotionless show.

Queensryche is…

Geoff Tate

Michael Wilton

Eddie Jackson

Scott Rockenfield

Parker Lundgren

Set List @ M3

1. Get Started

2. Damaged

3. I Don’t Believe in Love

4. Hit the Black

5. I’m American

6. NM 156

7. Screaming in Digital

8. The Lady Wore Black

9. Walk in the Shadows

10. Silent Lucidity

11. Jet City Woman

12. Empire

13. Eyes of a Stranger

Queensryche at M3 watch it in HiDefon YouTube care of HDNet Live

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